I’m Sorry It’s Taken Me 18+ Years To Help You Connect With The Sun ~ Light in a physical way. Meaning beyond, you are Light, which you are … and beyond spend time outside in nature, which is definitely beneficial.

No one told me about and how to plug into the Sun ~ Light. In fact for much of my life the sun has been vilified.

Circadian Rhythm was mentioned in passing, but no one told me that it was how we are to live. Our natural state. And honestly I didn’t think to ask.

Last August, when I found out about Living Connected with the Sun ~ Light, at first I was angry that all of the personal and spiritual growth leaders, authors, teachers and facilitators never once mentioned being connected to the Sun ~ Light by being in rhythm with the Sun. By getting the rays in my eyes and on my body. ( I am speaking in hyperbole.)

In my anger I asked God, WTF? and God answered…
They cannot teach you what they don’t know, so go teach those who are reached by your voice.

And for the last 11 months I have been teaching about connecting with the Sun~Light in a deep and meaning way that can change your life in so many ways.

Now it is time to officially put into practice the steps, knowledge and PLUG into Source The Light The Sun.

Our health and wellbeing, our connection to God is tied to the sun.
The sun gives life to everything on our planet.
We couldn’t survive without the Sun.
Plants reach for the light.
Are you reaching for the light?

When you connect to the Light in a physical way, ie through the Sun you strengthen your connection to God/Source.

๐ŸŒž Think of syncing up with the SUN through circadian rhythm as a way to get closer to God, hear Divine Messages, sharpen your intuition and ALL of your senses. Receive healing light codes for your body and instructions from God for Optimal Health and Well Being. Being plugged into your Source and connecting with who you truly be, LIGHT.

๐ŸŒž Your body absorbs Light. Your body creates Light. You ARE a Light Being that desires to be plugged into the Source which is the Sun.

๐ŸŒž We were designed to be in a love affair with the sun. ~ Dr. Jack Kruse

Just in case you are thinking this is sun worship or some over the top pseudo spiritual concept, it’s Science, Physics, Biology; Quantum Mechanics.

THE SCIENCE: The Sun and Circadian Rhythm Lifestyle …

-Heals your mitochondria, the powerhouse of your cells and

-Creates ATP = energy in our body

-Improves Mood, Focus, Energy and Sleep

-Boosts hormones and chemicals like dopamine, vitamin D, thyroid, serotonin, melatonin, adrenaline, endorphin etc…

-Structures your internal water, exclusion zone water or EZ Water

-Stress Relief

-Immune Booster

-Weight Loss activator

-Activates autophagy which is the process of self eating, cleaning your cells of toxins, heavy metals, debris, cellular repair

-Cleans your brain to be sharp and alert

-Red Healing Light +++


The Science tells and shows us that connecting to the Sun ~ Light has many physical benefits.

Whether you want the God connection or the physical benefits, or you are like me and want it ALL, join me for the Connect To The Light 21 Day Kickstart Program beginning July 12th.


Yes there will be information because knowing the why and bennies is important. I will keep it simple and if you have questions I will be always around to answer them for you. Your personal coach and accountability partner.

The program will be run through a private Telegram Group.

More Details and Sign Up Here:

We start July 12th.

Love, Esther

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