Yesterday I was reading a newsletter from a colleague who quoted a wise man who once said: “If you want something, ask the price and pay it. If you are unwilling to pay the price, maybe you aren’t ready for what you want.”

These words struck my Soul deeply for just moments before I was presented with a proposal from my trademark lawyer outlining the cost of her services and associated fees.

Intuitively I knew that she is the lawyer for me. I want to work with her. I did ask her for her fee and it turned out to be much higher then expected.

As I was stewing in the thought of, “How am I going to get this money together?” –knowing very well that it engaged limiting thinking and was activating a vibration of lack, the above quote popped into my inbox.

As always the Universe displayed perfect timing.

My Soul nudged me to take a few minutes and meditate on the words. As a holistic psychotherapist I knew the deeper implications of the quote from a psyche and internal perspective.

Memories from my past begin to flood my mind of times when I wanted to do something whether for pleasure, business or for others and I bailed out because I wasn’t willing to pay the price. An understanding deepened within me that along with beliefs and thoughts of lack which needed remedying, on some level I was not ready to have or do what I wanted.

We all know that when we want something bad enough and are ready for it, we will find the money. I have proven it to myself over and over again in my life and dear reader of this blog, I know you have as well.

As this conscious awareness broadened inside of myself I begin to reflect on the situation at hand. Did I want to pursue this trademark? Is Maria the right lawyer for me? Am I ready for what this trademark will set in motion? Am I ready to pay the price?

Once looked at from this perspective, every part of my being shouted, “YES.” And so the thoughts of lack and “Where the heck am I going to get this money,” have been dissolved. I have opened myself up to receive the abundance and support of the Universe and proceed with the next step.

And now whenever I ask the price of something I want and I am unwilling to pay it, I will ask myself, “Am I ready for what I want?”

~Love, Esther


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