I have to be skinny to be successful. Ugh, I couldn’t believe it when this belief surfaced during some recent deep inner work.

I didn’t even know I held this belief and I was surprised when it came up because after years of working on my beliefs arround weight, body image and the link to myself, I thought I was done with it.

Long gone are the days of believing, “I’ll be happy when I am skinny.” Long gone are the days of not loving or accepting myself as I am. For years now I have been living in the peace and bliss of life no matter what my weight.

So when this belief surfaced, I have to be skinny to be successful, I sighed deeply and then got to work unraveling and changing it.

How did I find this belief? For the last two months I have been in what I refer to as a lull. The lull started in April and continued on and on and on.

I know the difference between a lull, something we all go through from time to time and a lull that needs attention. A couple of weeks ago I realized my lull needed attention.

How did I come to this conclusion? There is a project I am working on. I’m creating a new brand, You’re Almost There Girl. When I started I was gung ho and on fire. Then in April I hit my lull and didn’t even look at it. The project was tugging at me at the back of my mind but my heart was not into it.

As the days of no progression continued on I knew I needed to deal with the situation. So I took a day off from work and became my own client. Using the Core Belief Engineering technique, I found buried in my subconscious mind the sabatoguing belief, I have to be skinny to be successful. The belief linked weight and body image to what I am capable of and able to achieve in my life. It stopped me from moving forward on my project. It was a belief that I held deeply on my own and inherited from family.

I began to clear the limiting and negative belief systems attached to this belief because it never boils down to just one belief. There are memories, outside influence, emotions, supporting beliefs and behaviors which need exploration and change.

I asked myself, “If my subconscious believes I have to be skinny to be successful and it wants to be successful why isn’t it bending over backwards to make me thin as a rail?”

It was a good question because the answer that came forward was, “Can I handle success?” and the implication that I can’t. Consciously I know I can handle success, but some part of me didn’t buy it.

I looked deeper and found the belief, “It’s hard enough to take care of myself and all of my day to day things, how am I going to manage taking care of all the details of success?” Oh that was a big one.

(Keep in mind that success meant not just career but all areas, relationship, social, talents, passions, abilities etc..)

Attached to that belief were negative beliefs about being supported in life.

Can you see now why sessions with me in my CBE practice are six to eight hours? It’s about getting to the core and sticking with the process until you get there.

When the work was complete I felt light, free and on fire. I was ready to sit down at my computer and engage in the creation of my new brand.

Then the Universe sent me confirmation of my shift. At the same time my lull started I commissioned Craig of Big Daddy Kreativ to help me come up with design concepts for my logo and new website. A month ago I checked in with Craig and because he was swamped with a big project, mine hadn’t been completed. I didn’t mind because I was in lull.

Two days after I re-engineered and cleared my negative belief I received an email from Craig. He said, “Here are the proofs for your logo, business cards and header.”

I laughed to myself for it was no co-incidence that the information came hot on the heels of my own personal shift. I thanked the Universe for its wink and acknowledgement that I was back on track and then whispered to myself my own advice, “Esther, You’re Almost There Girl.”

~Love, Esther


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