Client Testimonial, Channeled Reading

I pondered contacting Esther for almost a year.  Every time I went to make the connection, the timing did not work for me. Suddenly, last month I found myself signing up for a channeled reading. I posed three simple questions. Questions that were pressing in my life. You see, the past 10 years I have been in constant flux. I have been questioning everything around me; my marriage, my career, my relationships. I worked with a number of personal psychotherapists and counselors all with limited success. I have read numerous books, attended seminars, meditated and prayed for answers. I simply did not understand why things were happening in my life the way they were.

In one short session, Esther (through The Tribunal) managed to bring enlightenment as to why these situations were occurring. I learned why one person in particular keeps resurfacing in my life and why I have this indescribable connection with him and him to me. I could never explain the connection. It defied reason but there he was. Esther helped me to understand the link and now I know exactly what I need to do with that relationship. Thank you Esther you have truly brought clarity to my life.

 ~ L.M. Mississauga

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