Wonky, it’s one of my favorite words. Sometimes I feel a bit wonky. Or I find myself in the midst of a wonky situation. Recently I was having a wonky morning.

When I describe something as wonky it doesn’t mean that it is good or bad, its just…well wonky!

By definition the word means unsteady or shaky. I would add out of balance.

When I feel wonky I know that one of two things is going to happen I am either going to tip the scale to dreadful or to fabulous. The choice is mine and is determined by the thoughts I think and the actions I take. My next steps are crucial.

Although there are many ways to unwonk myself (I know that’s not a word but just go with it), here are my top five ways to get balanced and back on track.

1. Hugs and kisses from my niece and nephew. These cuddles work wonders but the kids are not always available apparently they have to go to school and are getting to be of that age when hugging and kissing auntie Esther isn’t very cool.

2. Spending time in the sunshine. I find the sun very healing, uplifting and full of joy.

3. Meditate. Come on you know I was going to say that. Meditation is the cure for almost everything. Whether you do a guided meditation, focus on your light body, get silent for a few minutes or engage is deep breathing, meditation will stabilize a case of the wonks.

4. Hitting the gym. In my books a good workout solves much. It shakes up my energy field and puts me back on track.

5. What belief or thought is triggering this wonky feeling? Take time to discover, explore and change it. Our emotions are always triggered by a thought.

Last week I went to the gym to shake my wonky feeling; oh and stuck my head out the window on the drive home.

How do you deal with a case of the wonks?

Leave your tips in the comment section so everyone can learn and grow.

~Love, Esther

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