Have you ever gone to bed at night and asked God/Universe to shake up your life in a good way? Beg for positive change? Ask to wake up the next day in a whole different dimension, energy, space and situation?

I have. I do it all the time. ” Universe, I am ready for something big and magnificent to happen in my life. I am ready for BIG change. Bring it on!”  I utter these words frequently and I mean it when I say or think them.

And you know what?

Universe/God whatever your connection to Source is, wants and is ready to shake up your life and usher in Big Change in co-creation with you. But here’s the catch,  You have to choose. Make a decision. Give Universe a big vibrational Yes and choose!


What do I mean by choose? When you want something new and exciting to come into your life rather then leave it in the wish or intention stage choose it. Make a decision for it. If you reflect back on your life those times when you forged ahead into new territory and adventures those times were linked to you making a big decision. A decision accompanied by a thought or phrase something like, “No matter what I am going to _______.” or “That’s it. Nothing is going to stop me from ______.” Now that is a decision. That is a choice.

Do you want to shift your job, work or business? Then make a choice and choose to take a new course, resign, apply, network, let it be known that you are on the hunt and ready for something new. When that something new appears rather then let your limiting beliefs and fear rule the day connect with your Inner Self and with Spirit and choose.

Are you tired of looking at your four walls, the view out the back window, the scenery on your way to work? While asking Universe for a change of pace remind yourself that you have choice. You can move. You can book a holiday and take an adventure trip. At the very least you can choose to take a new route to work or school and let your eyes take in a whole new view and perspective.

Want a new body? Choose it.

Want more money? Choose it.

Want a fulfilling and loving relationship? Choose it.

Waffling between options? Choose the one that feels right and light for you.

There is power in making a choice and decision. In fact when you make a decision– one of those, “Hell yes I am doing this,” types of decisions it is the single most powerful mental move you can make. That choice/decision signals to your Inner Self that you are not happy with the status quo and you are moving onto something new. That decision offers a vibrational shout to the Universe to bring it on and Universe must respond back in match–It’s a Universal Law.

Here are the steps:

1. Know that you have choice. You always have choice in every situation even when you think you have no choice.

2. Make a choice/decision and mean it!

3. Shout that choice to Universe.

4. As Universe meets you in your choice take the inspired action steps which present.

5. Celebrate the outcome!

~Love, Esther




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