Once you have read through part one of my discussion on Spirit Guides the question that naturally follows is, “How do I connect with my guides?”

Most likely you are already communicating with your Guides but you are not aware of it or not attributing your brilliant flashes of knowledge and information as coming from the spirit realm.

Once you become conscious about such beings and allow yourself to be open to Spirit Guides as being a part of your life, then noticing them day to day will become much easier. In fact they are probably jousting with each other to get connected with you right now!


To help you get started here are five easy tips to foster and deepen a connection with your Guides.

1. Meditate. During your meditation time ask that you be connected with the Spirit Guide you are in most need of now. Be open to whatever comes to you whether in sense, image, feeling or sound. Trust it. Then begin a dialogue with the Guide as you would with a friend asking it questions you want answers to.

2. Bedtime Intentions. Just before your head hits the pillow state out loud or inside of yourself your desire to connect with whatever Spirit Guide is most available to you at this time. You may even form a question that you need guidance or assistance with. The guide will often come to you in your dream state. Again be open to what appears. You may need to do this several nights in a row if you have a tendency to forget your dreams.

3. Appeal to a deceased family member to speak with you. This can be done during meditation or right before bed. Focus on an ancestor who has transitioned and who you most want to connect with. Picture them in your mind’s eye or hold a photo of them in your hand. Speak to them and notice what answers come back in reply to your questions.

4. Trust. It is important to trust the information that is coming to you and hold a belief that what you are experiencing is true.

5. Spirit Guides are always loving and encouraging. If you connect with an energy that is negative or uncomfortable it is not one of your Spirit Guides. If the information which comes forward is demanding, aggressive, hurtful or asks you to do things which are inappropriate it is not your Spirit Guide. Release the connection. Don’t worry you haven’t tapped into an “evil” source,  this is mostly the result of your mind playing tricks on you. That doubting unbelieving part of yourself. Let it go and move on. 

With these tip in mind start tonight connecting with your Guides and fill me in on who or what shows up!

~Love, Esther


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