Channel Your Higher Self and get answers to your most pressing questions + Receive healing from Higher Self during the process.

Your Higher Wiser Self Knows Everything There Is To Know About You And Is Eager To Help.

Hi there, I’m Esther Bartkiw. When people come to me for readings of Divine Guidance, I connect with my special team of channeling guides to receive guidance, direction, information and answers to their questions.     

How about this time we turn things around and I guide you through a very special process during which I facilitate a communication between you and your Higher Self, and you ask her/him questions on your heart and mind. They might be personal questions about body, finance, career, relationship questions. Maybe you have questions about world events and situations, want to know things about the past, the future; the Universe.

Your Higher Wiser Self knows everything there is to know about you and along with God/Universe/Source Energy is your best source of information.

When I work with people during sessions and readings many tell me that they feel receiving answers from Higher Self feels unachievable. Mostly because people doubt that they are really connecting to their Higher Self and secondly not trusting the answers coming through.

That’s where I come in as facilitator of a discussion between you and your Higher Self to find out what she/he wants to to tell you and what you want and need to know.

This is a special process I have not offered in years but after a recent profound discussion with my Higher Self when I asked her, Do you think it would be beneficial to help people communicate with their Higher Self in a more meaningful way and get answers? My Higher Self said Yes of course, let’s do.

Get Answers and Healing From Your Higher Self Process:   

Here’s how this process unfolds


  • I will guide you to a deep connection with your Higher Self using the methods and techniques I have been practicing for over 16 years with my clients.
  • I will help you to know your Higher Self, feel comfortable with her/him and know how your Higher Wiser Self communicates with you.
  • Once we have established the connection, I will facilitate a Q&A between you and your Higher Self  to get your questions answered and also a few others you may not of thought of.
  • You are doing the channeling. I’m overseeing the process.
  • We will ask your Higher Self if there are any healing, releases and changes it can make for you during the session

       Answers + Healing that’s a winning, uplifting combination.       


Benefits of Participating in this Special Process

  • # 1 Get Answers to minimum 10 of your most pressing, burning questions.
  • Receive activations, healings, energetic shifts your Higher Self is able to make in the moment.
  • Extra bonus questions I will ask on your behalf at the end. I know you will like and appreciate them.
  • Confirmation that what you are receiving is accurate. As facilitator I will tune into the conversation to ensure you are receiving information from your Higher Self and offer confirmation of answers if needed.
  • Establish a link to your Higher Self so you can carry on the conversation on your own, at anytime.
  • Expand trust of Higher Self and trust in self to hear and understand the guidance and information coming through so you don’t have to seek answers from outside sources.
  • Increase your confidence in connecting with your Higher Self and the Universal Realm, God and all of your spirit guides.

This Special Process and Offer is available for a limited time. Once the countdown clock runs out the Special Expires.

It’s is a great opportunity to get a reading, healing and learn how to do it for yourself.


*Please read the information below carefully.   

                                                                                  Instructions To Get Your Process Booked


Once you sign up for your session email me within 48 hours at with your preferred days of the week and time for your session.

For those living in North America I offer morning session times.

For those living in Europe and Africa morning and afternoon times.

And for my friends in Australia and New Zealand the session will be evening your time.

I will check my schedule and email you back a couple of options to choose from. I will work with you to select a suitable time.

We will connect via instant teleseminar system which offers free access via Web Call and an MP3 recording of your process so that during your Higher Self reading you can be present and receive without having to take notes. The recording will be available to you for 14 days to download to your computer.

Once you have set up your appointment time start working on your questions.

48 hours prior to your session email me your questions 10 to 12 is good.

Rank them in order starting with the most important. We will try to get as many in as possible during the 90 minute session.

I suggest you group the questions under headings such as Body, Finances, Relationships, Career/Work, Spiritual Journey, Consciousness, General.

When we meet I will go over the questions with you and any final adds or changes can be made.

Then I will ask you to get comfortable, close your eyes, take a few deep breathes and we will begin.

If this sounds exactly what you have been wanting and needing, getting answers from your Higher Self on your own, then Sign Up Now and let’s do it!


Special Process at a Special Pricing $147 US 

Offer Expires When Clock Runs Down

$147.00 (hst if applicable) Add to cart


Special Offer is Over …  If you are interested in this process please contact me directly.

If you have any questions about this process please email and ask.

Once a purchase has been made there are no refunds.


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