Heal, Calm And Reset Your Nervous System

What stops people from making progress in their lives, manifesting dreams, taking action is unexpressed emotion held within (trauma) and limiting beliefs.

Release Trauma, Emotion, Heavy Energies, The Charge Of Past Memories +++ from your Nervous System AND Prevent New Traumatic Influences From Embedding in your Body.

21 Day On Line Event with Esther Bartkiw Host/Facilitator
Starts August 22, 2021: A High Vibe Day To Start Something New

“Hi there friend, it’s me Esther. When I work with people doing core belief sessions and intuitive readings, my clients often tap into heavy, deep seated emotion and are moved to tears. I encourage them to stay with the emotion and express to release, because we know, releasing emotion held within is a healthy practice.”

One day after a particularly emotion heavy session, I got to thinking, “Can I do more for my clients when emotion trapped in the body comes up in the middle of a session? Can I do more then encourage them to express? Are there energetic tools, body movements, breathing techniques, energy exercises we can do in the moment and in the hours, days following which will facilitate a deeper release and create change in the mind, body and emotional system? Are there tools I can offer my clients, easy, simple tools that one can do anytime, anywhere that will allow for trauma release and prevent new trauma from building up within? Can I take these sessions a step further and instigate deeper change more quickly?”

Asking myself those questions led me on a journey of studying the nervous system and learning all kinds of tips, tools and techniques which help to heal, calm and reset this highly complex part of our body, the transmitter of signals. Spending countless hours over several months, I practiced on myself, willing clients and friends what I was learning. We all realized that by implementing these simple tools and techniques to soothe the nervous system and free it of trapped emotions our inner work was enhanced. Our bodies felt better. The mind calmer. Focus and Clarity sharper. Inaction Paralysis due to fear, worry, anger, anxiety lessened and in general everything felt better. Especially when the tools were implemented during those high intense moments of emotion and feeling.

The material I learned was abundant and vast. I had to keep reminding myself of my focus.

Focus: I am a core belief therapist, intuitive and energy reader wanting to help my clients create greater release and change within, when in the middle of a session a big emotion surfaces. To equip them with tools they can use when doing inner work on their own. And effectively deal with big emotion when it rises up in day to day living, usually at the most inconvenient of times and places.

With all of this in mind, I gathered my learning and information and created a 21 Day On Line program to help you enhance your inner work practice, release trauma held in the body, prevent new trauma from embedding and to Heal, Calm and Reset your Nervous System.

Do You Hold Trauma, Unexpressed Emotion In Your Body? Signs & Signals
Listen to Esther’s Master Class.

Why Do You Want To Release Trauma Trapped Your Nervous System?

The Benefits:

  • place your body in a space of calm and peace the vibration which stimulates healing
  • ease anxiety and stress
  • release anger, restlessness and panic
  • dissolve paranoia, suspicion, lack of trust and hyper sensitivity
  • avoid drama and blow ups
  • let go of negative and pessimistic thoughts
  • release guilt, shame, regret
  • addiction patternings and behaviors
  • self sabotage
  • feeling scattered and distracted
  • drained of energy and vital life force
  • end victim mentality, criticism, judgement of self and others
  • feeling emotionally cut off
  • get unstuck from always being On or In Fight or Flight, always on edge
  • move towards an easing or repair of physical body issues
  • create clarity and greater focus
  • a return to a desire to live and enjoy life
  • move into a space where you can consciously respond to people and situations rather then react
  • feel and be more of your True Self, Authentic Self
  • release childhood trauma held within for decades.

Who Is This Class For?

This class is for everyone because everyone has a nervous system and at some point trauma, emotion, reaction got locked up inside and continues to play out in your body and on the under current of your conscious and subconscious mind.

No matter how much personal development, spiritual growth work you have done, I know you are still holding heavy energies in your nervous system. We all are.

Here are some scenario you may relate to. All of these scenarios have played out in my life at one time or another:

Have you ever bumped into someone from your past, or just heard their name and had a burning feeling sweep through your body? That hot burning feeling that runs up your neck and into your head is a sign of unresolved emotion, energy, past situation and/or memory involving that person stuck in your body. And it just got triggered.

Have you ever heard something, read or watched something and experienced a cringe moment? In that cringe moment you feel like you have been transported back to a similar scene from your past reliving it again. That cringe moment may have been accompanied by feelings of guilt, shame, regret, anger, sadness; grief. These are all signs of past trauma still stuck in the body.

If you have ever watched a movie, a commercial, or tik tok video and burst into tears, perhaps uncontrollable sobbing and people looked at you thinking what is going on with that person? That outburst of emotion is often caused because what you were watching resonated with an unresolved emotion or memory within and triggered a reaction trying to help you to release it. What did you do? Stifle the tears? Let out only a little bit? Or did you let it all go? What if you had additional tools to use in the moment?

If you feel stuck, stalled or paralyzed in life, or feeling always switched On, on high alert, those states are likely due to trauma held in the body.

Have you ever been in a situation held in your tears or emotion because you didn’t want to embarrass yourself, embarrass others, cause a scene, be perceived as dramatic or complicated, needy etc so you pushed that emotion down inside? Did you ever release it? Or is it still trapped inside causing a host of problems?

Do you always react to noises whether a big bang, a small squeak; an emergency vehicle? That jumping, being startled by noises all of the time is an indicator of trauma held within.

I could go on with scenarios, but you get the picture. Perhaps reading this list triggered a cringe moment of memory.

When you know the tips, tools and techniques I am going to teach during the 21 Days, you can use them right away in the moment, release the emotional trauma, let it all up and out Once and For All. Create Healing, A Calming and Reset of Your Nervous System.

Here’s How The 21 Day Class Will Play Out:

  • Every three days I will send you an email outlining a teaching along with tips, tools or processes that will help you to release stored trauma, prevent new trauma from embedding and or how to sooth your nervous system in a healthy way.
  • Videos to supplement the teachings and tips will be sent out via a private you-tube link. I will bundle the videos on a private list for easy access.
  • Orientating with your Nervous System
  • Brain Entrainment
  • Working with the Vagus Nerve
  • Body Movement to heal, calm, release
  • Best breathing practices to let go
  • Use your tongue and ears to soothe the nervous system
  • Psychological Exercises and Practices to address trauma and release
  • Food, Supplements, Fasting, Colours
  • Plus A Whole Lot More…
  • In between mail outs you will have time to try out the suggestions, practice them and begin to implement the information.
  • I have set up a private WhatsApp Chat Group where you can ask questions, make comments, share with us your experiences using the tools. Support community is important.
  • If you are dealing with a particular issue or emotion we can troubleshoot as a group on the WhatsApp Link.
  • And if I get an impromptu nudge to check in with you and offer additional information I will post it on WhatsApp.
  • Choose to add on a private one on one session with me at a special course pricing, and you and I together will address one topic, issue, emotion, belief, re occurring patterning or behavior, troublesome memory that you want to resolve.

*Or, and here’s a great idea, we can spend the hour talking to your nervous system. Yes it will communicate back and you will receive information direct from the source on how you can help it reset to more optimal function.

At The End of 21 Days You Will Walk Away With:

  • Change!! Implement and follow through on all of the tips, tools and information I offer and there will be change in your body and nervous system. Positive Change Moving Towards Healing and a Reset of Your Nervous System. Just practicing the tools and techniques will start the shift. Keep implementing them and the Change will grow.
  • You will have a Heal Your Nervous System Tool Box teeming with energy exercises, physical moves, breathing sequences, and other tips, methods and techniques for you to care for your nervous system, emotion, mental and physical levels of the body moving forward.
  • You will know what to do in the moment when something within gets triggered to help it move up and out.
  • And you will know what to do when faced with a new traumatic event so that the energy does not get stored in your body.
  • It will be easy so you can do these steps on your own even when I am not around to encourage and keep you accountable.
  • You will empower yourself towards self healing, feel inspired, confident and ready to do it on your own.
  • Add in the personal session and we will take your change within to a deeper level in just 60 minutes.

21 Day Heal, Calm and Reset Your Nervous System
Release Trauma Held In The Body

Pricing: $99 US (Canadian taxes applicable)

Personal Session Add On:

Please note this one on one session at a special pricing is only for those who are signing up for the class. This is an additional purchase. For example: class $99 + session $197

Pricing: $197 US (Save $200)

A one hour session on my website sells for $397 US you are receiving a $200 Savings.

You have three months from purchase to complete your session.

After You Sign Up Here’s What Happens:

Once you register a welcome letter will be sent to you at the email connected with your sign up. If you do not receive the email within 48 hours of signing up please reach out to me at esther@whispersfromthesoul.com.

For those who choose to add on the private session please contact me directly at the email address above to set up your session.

Due to timezone differences, sessions for North Americans are in the mornings your local time, Europe in the morning and afternoons and for those living in Australia and New Zealand in the evening your time. Monday to Friday. We will work together to find a suitable day and hour.

If you have any questions about this program please reach out via email as social media direct messages sometimes get missed.

Disclaimer: Esther Bartkiw is not a doctor or medical practitioner. I do not diagnose or offer medical advice. Any health information offered through this program is purely information for your consideration and the sharing of information that has worked for me and my clients. If you have a problem with your nervous system or other medical need, please seek attention from a health care practitioner.

Why would I pay for a course when there is so much free information on the internet?

There is free information readily available on the internet on every subject including the nervous system. A lot information, trust me I have waded through stacks of articles, videos, books, opinion pieces, studies etc. I have spend months going through the material from the perspective of, how can I help people enhance their inner work and get better results, help them to release stored trauma from the body and also prevent new energies from getting stored in the nervous system. Then I took what I learned and tried everything out on myself, willing clients and other participants. I got feedback and input and narrowed it down to the top tips and techniques that I know will be of great help to you. Then I crafted the information into a 21 day program that is simple and easy to follow, allows for community and sharing, plus provides a space to ask me your questions. I don’t know about you, but whenever I do a program, and I can’t ask questions it drives me crazy. This course will create positive shift in your nervous system. It will be easy so you can do these steps on your own even when I am not around to keep you accountable. You will empower yourself toward self healing, and feel inspired, confident and ready to do it on your own.

Esther Bartkiw Your Host/Facilitator:

Hi I’m Esther Bartkiw, holistic core belief therapist, intuitive and energy reader, super fan and student of astrology. I combine core belief therapy with psychological techniques and methods, energy healing and spirit filled messages, in order to provide practical spiritual, effective guidance and root cause change for my clients. Learn more about me here

If you have any questions about this webinar please contact me directly at esther@whispersfromthesoul.com.

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