Sometimes we outgrow our goals and that’s okay. 

As we evolve as people, spirits, in our lives, personality, desires and wants —our goals and dreams shift.

Some people feel that if all of a sudden they switch focus in midstream other people will comment and say things like, “I knew he would never write that book.” Or ” I thought you wanted to be a teacher not start your own business?” Putting so much importance on what other people think and say keeps them stuck or chasing dreams they would rather let go of.

Other people feel that if they are committed to a path they must stay the course even when their Soul is tugging at them to head into another direction. Commitment is great but when every ounce of your being is telling you to make a switch, ignoring it turns from commitment to pride or stubbornness.

Keep in mind that a Soul tug to change course is very different from a fearful part of yourself that is telling you to quit. Switching goals because of a true desire or a Soul’s calling it not done from a place of fear or feeling of being unworthy or incapable.  The move is made out of love, passion and most importantly a sense of purpose. It is usually accompanied by a sense of urgency.

As we evolve we grow and learn. In the learning we expand in the knowledge of what we see we are capable of.

Often we start off dreaming too small and then as we realize we can do so much more our goals shift and change.

Think back upon your life. What did you want to do when you were eight years old?  Fourteen? Twenty-two? Thirty-five? Forty-seven? Sixty? Was it the same thing every year? No. Your desires and wants changed. It’s only natural.

When I was eight I was bound and determined to be a children’s book author. At twelve it was a newspaper reporter. At 18 years old a TV anchor woman. At twenty-five a mom with at least five children.  At thirty a travel rep. At thirty-five a holistic psychotherapist. And at forty-five a person who is devoted to helping people move forward in their lives bringing happiness, peace and joy into their experience. Evolution of Self.

We are at the half way stage of 2011 and rather then reflect on the goals that we have not yet achieved, how about reflecting on whether or not those goals still apply?

I suspect the way 2011 has been moving along full of high energy shifts and great manifestation, what you thought you wanted at the beginning of the year is very different from what you want now.

And if your goals no longer fit because you have grown and evolved know that it’s okay to change course. Sometimes we outgrow our goals.


~Love, Esther

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