Group Energy Healing Session

 Group Energy Healing Session


Introductory Pricing In Effect ($45 savings)

Limited to 4 Participants

During these dynamic energy sessions we will work together releasing and clearing one issue specific to you. Any issue of your choice: belief, pattern, behavior, outside influence, thought etc. In addition you will also be attuned to new and higher frequencies; raise your vibration and establish a new personal time-line.

What makes these group energy clearing sessions fascinating and advantageous is that not only do you get personal work done, while other people are being processed if you resonate with any of their issues coming up for release, you will also be cleared of the same dense energy in your field. This is a great benefit because often we tend to work on the same issues over and over again instead of working on something else which just might be the thread that unravels the whole ball of limitation.

The session will begin with a group focus allowing me and the Beings of Light to connect with participants in a group avatar accessing Pure Source Energy. We will work with you as a group energy to prepare you for the individual work to come. This work involves putting you in the               .

Once that is complete each person will have a 15 minute energy clearing session during which one issue you would like to work on will be addressed. The clearing will utilize whatever tools are necessary to give you the biggest release possible. I will direct channel information to help you to get to the core of the issue, invoke conscious awareness tools and the Beings of Light will be working with you as well exploring, loosening, clearing limitations and balancing your energy field.

While I am working with other participants, you are invited to remain on the call  and hang out in the beautiful energy of the universal beings and use it to continue to clear and release your own private issue.

Event Details:

  • Prior to the session you will send to me an outline of one pattern, behavior or belief that you want to release. During the session we will work with all levels and layers of your being to begin the release of that pattern along with attached threads.
  • Everyone will have their own unique experience. Some people may experience a complete release. Others may find another layer comes up for examination and clearing and for others a loosening will occur of what is stuck. It all depends on how much you are willing and ready to let go. With your permission we will stretch you and the Shift will be perfect for you.
  • Each person will be worked on individually during their allotted time and contained in an energy field of their own so that other people’s energy does not blend with your private work.
  • A recording of the class will be available to you on replay for seven days after the session so that you can listen again.
  • An MP3 recording is also available for you.
  • There will be no more than four people in each class allowing for an intimate atmosphere.
  • Because the sessions involve a group some may find the work budget friendly and cost effective.


Date:  Monday April 28, 2014

Time: 8:00 pm EST   Time Zone Converter

Duration: as required

Participants: Limited to 4 people

Session Fee:  $80  (Introductory Fee: $45 savings)

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