I had a big A HA moment a couple of days ago when it was suggested to me that in all of my positiveness there existed a vibration of not having.

Even though I was using the right words, visualization and focus, it was picked up on that I was actually focusing on what was missing.

For instance I would say, ” I know that what I want is coming into my reality. I feel it. I sense it. I visualize it and I am taking the steps to get there.”

My Law of Attraction friend suggested that a little fine tuning was needed in order for me to usher in my creations more quickly and efficiently. She created conscious awareness within myself that despite my best thinking, I was  focusing on the missing elements or the steps I  have yet to take.

This  observation resonated deeply within my soul.

By focusing on the steps yet to take, she suggested that I was delaying what I want to come into my experience and may even be creating additional steps.

The resonation ran deeper.

So I decided to focus on what is working in my life; situations and events where there are no more steps to take. I knew that by focusing on what is working I will put myself in a vibration conducive to creating what I want. I would put myself into a vibration of acknowledgment and gratitude. By focusing on what is working I will get more of what is working. Suddenly flashes of teachings from Abraham-Hicks flooded my mind and I went, “Of course.”

I sat at my computer and began to write a list of everything that was working for me in my life. My gym works for me keeping me healthy, strong, fit and social. My gorgeous lake view works for me, bringing me peace and serenity into my day to day life. My editor works for me. She is always giving me a fabulous perspective on my words and shares her contacts freely. My relationships with my sister and mom work for me creating a beautiful sense of  family and love. My bed works for me. After a long day of work and play there is nothing more delicious then climbing into my big fluffy bed with massive amounts of pillows and snuggling in. My favourite pair of jeans work for me. I feel great when I slip into them. My car works for me. In fact my car has been so good to me, getting me where I need to go everyday without a hitch. My clients work for me. They allow me to fulfill my purpose, utilize my skills and talents and help me to feel that I am making a contribution in the world. And the list went on an on.

I decide to experiment and focus on what is working in my life for just a day. It was amazing what happened as a result. The people, places and information that fell into place were incredible. I giggled my way through the day in amazement.

So I decided to set my intention for the same focus the next day and got more of the same.

Today on day three of my “what works for me” focus I have decided to keep this vibrational train going. It’s becoming a new pattern in my thought process and engraining itself quickly. Why would I stop now? After all this new focus works for me!

~Love, Esther~


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