Giving Back

Check back often. I hold several free energy events and processes throughout the year and would love you to be a part of them.

Feeling Unsafe?

The issue of feeling unsafe has been surfacing with many of the people I connect with during personal sessions and interactions on Facebook.

I even felt it myself for a couple of days until I had my Ah Ha moment and instantly it dissolved. And so I was inspired to offer everyone a Free Energy Clearing and Transmission to address the issue of Feeling Unsafe. My Gift to you as we journey together on our Ascension Process.

~Love, Esther

Meditation Made Easy, May Cause Miracles

Let’s talk about Meditation. The benefits. Myths and misconceptions. Provide solutions on how to overcome your meditation woes.

We do energy work and clearings. And take you through a Guided Meditation to help you get started.

Plus I introduce you to three Channeled Guided Meditations I have created with you in mind.

Listen to the Replay

Energy Protocol To Clear The Money Limitation: There’s Not Enough

Spirit Guides

During channeled readings one of the top questions asked is,Do I have Spirit Guides and if so who are they?

Yes you have Spirit Guides. We all do. In fact you don’t have just one Guide you have a host of Guidance with you at all times. If you have ever been curious about what a Spirit Guide is, their purpose and how do you know when they are around, this call is for you.

During the call you will learn:

  • What is a Spirit Guide?
  • How they communicate.
  • What kinds of information Spirit Guides provide.
  • Their role in your life.
  • How to develop a relationship with your Spirit Guides.
  • Do Spirit Guides have personalities?
  • Why your Higher Self is the best source of guidance.
  • What Spirit Guides won’t do.
  • Are Spirit Guides spying on you?

Are You A Star Seed?

Replay of a recent Webinar. The energy bumps me off the call at one point but I come back to answer questions and offer an energy attunement.

Listen to the Replay

Feeling Unappreciated: Two Minute Energy Clearing Right Now

Drop me a note on Facebook and update on what transpires.

Listen to the Replay

Increase Your Success Energy Vibration

Enjoy this 12 minute mini energy clearing and activation. It is FREE!

Want more Clearing Processes and Activation’s?

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