When my calendar flipped into April this morning a reminder I made a year ago popped into my email box.

A reminder to re-offer the Channel Your Higher Self special process one more time at a special pricing.

This is a special process in which I assist you in connecting with your Higher Self, the part of you that is most connected to Source. Knows everything about you in this life-time and other life-times. Knows your hearts desires and heart aches. Your Higher Wiser Self who has great guidance and advice to offer you, and in times of need, great comfort.

So as promised, I am offering the Channel Your Higher Self Process again at a special pricing.

-I will guide you to a deep connection with your Higher Self using the methods and techniques I have been using with my clients for over 18 years.

I will help you to know your Higher Self, feel comfortable with her/him and understand how your Higher Wiser Self communicates with you.

-Once we have established the connection, I will facilitate a Q&A between you and your Higher Self to get your questions answered and also a few others you may not of thought of.

-Come to the session with 10-12 questions that you seek guidance and understanding about. We’ll get you answers.

-I will teach you how to ask questions to your Higher Self to receive specific guidance and information.

You are doing the channeling. I’m overseeing the process and will help you to establish a good connection so that you will be able to effectively connect with your Higher Self at anytime on your own. Self Empowerment.

We will also ask your Higher Self if there are any healings, releases and changes it can make for you during the session

Answers + Healing + Connection that’s a winning combination.

To learn more about the 90 minute session and how it unfolds, check out the sign up page here.

If you have any questions about the process please email me directly and ask.

The special offering ends April 21st, 2022 end of day.

Last go around over 40 people took advantage of this special process and each were amazed at how easily they can channel their Higher Self and wow’d by the information that came through. This can be your experience too.

Here’s What People Are Saying:

“The Higher Self Process was phenomenal. A lot happened during our 90 minutes and I’ve been in an altered stated ever since. But, one thing is great – now that I meditate every day in the morning and have a chat with my HS, it feels like we’ve always had this connection. It seems so natural and I’m confident I will be able to connect at any time anywhere. I’d like to wish you Esther every success and happiness. You’re doing invaluable work helping people become self-sufficient, instead of going from one guru to the next.” ~Marja-Liisa EU

“This process (Higher Self) was the best session I have ever had. I was amazed at how easy it was to connect with and receive guidance from my Higher Self. Esther helped me to understand the special way my Higher Self communicates with me. Honestly I thought my Higher Self forgot all about me. During the session I had many questions answered and I am ready to take action on some of the suggestions. I now know I can check in with my Higher Self at anytime. Esther, this was your best process yet. Thank you!” ~ Sharon, H USA

*Sessions are booked first come first served. So sign up today and let’s book your process as soon as possible.

I know you have questions for your Higher Self.

I wait to hear from you.

~ Love Esther

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