Future Self Process

Could you use some help manifesting your dreams, create the life you want to live? Making your wishes come true?

Practical Advice and Steps Plus Also Energetic, Vibrational, Core Belief Inner Work?

Your Future Self knows exactly how to manifest those dreams because she/he is living it and holds all of the information to help you to build the bridge from where you are now to that future life of Living The Dream.

Do you know you have a Future Self Living the Dream who can help you and guide you?

You do! And…

Your Future Self Living The Dream can tell you:

  • What steps of action she/he took to create that dream life.
  • What she had to let go of: people, situations, thoughts, beliefs, ideas etc
  • What she opened herself up to: new people, knowledge, new ways of looking at things, new behaviors etc
  • What obstacles she overcame and how.
  • Who she asked for help.
  • Who and what she leaned on.
  • Who she learned from.
  • What and who she made peace with.
  • The shifts and changes she made in her everyday life to manifest the dream come true.
  • What she learned along the way and would do differently.

Your Future Self Living The Dream can offer you a step by step blueprint to build the bridge from NOW to DREAM

And I Esther, will guide you through the process and along the way facilitate:

  • Identifying and clearing limiting beliefs.
  • Getting laser clarity from Future Self.
  • Creating conscious awareness of what your Future Self has to offer now and always.
  • Understanding and processing the information coming through.
  • Help you to identify the steps to take towards Manifestation.
  • And strengthen the connection between you and your Future Self.

With all of that, moving forward, ANYTIME you want to create something new, you can check in with your Future Self and find out how she did it.

How Cool is that?

I talk to my future self all of the time and the information is most valuable. Plus she is great at keeping me on the conscious manifesting track.

Here’s How The Future Self Process Unfolds:

  • You and I connect for a live call and process.
  • Bring to the call three main dreams or wishes you have and want to manifest.
  • We start the process with conscious conversation getting clear on your desires.
  • Then I take you on a journey to meet your future self the you living that dream and facilitate a conversation that will glean as much information as possible to help you in the NOW make it TRUE in your Reality.
  • We will discuss PRACTICAL STEPS plus also dive into inner workings of releasing limiting beliefs and patterns, troubleshooting obstacles, exploring and dissolving fears, doubts and anything else standing in the way.
  • Establish a strong connect between you and your Future Self.
  • And then using a SPECIAL ENERGY TECHNIQUE to shrink time and timelines, energetically and vibrationally bring the Future To the Present Speeding up manifestation.
  • At the end of the process you have the blueprint and support to manifesting success.
  • Your job is to take action and implement the information.

Attention: The Process takes up to two hours. I ask you to put aside two hours so that if the downloads of information keep coming we have time to let it all FLOW.

Special Offer $297 US

Once I receive your sign up I will contact you to make arrangements to set up the date and time for your process.

Due to time zone differences …

  • Sessions for those living in North America are in the morning.
  • Europe morning or afternoon.
  • Australia/New Zealand later afternoon, evening.

I will work with you to find a suitable time for you to partake in this magical process and opportunity.

And want to know something also very cool?

When Quantum Mechanics Supports What You Already Know To Be True.

As I have been diving into Quantum Mechanics, it’s been exciting and confirming that many of the beliefs, theories and concepts of reality I hold are confirmed by science. My work as a core belief therapist, intuitive and energy reader, Manifesting Guide And Facilitator is not woo hoo, there is evidence and there are studies to support and back up what we are doing.

Recently one of my quantum science teachers Dr. Courtney Hunt wrote a post with references of how the future can change the past.

It’s call Quantum Retrocausal Effect.

Quantum Mechanics suggests that particles or information can travel backwards in time.

A later event affects an earlier one. (see images below)

As I was reading the information I shouted, YES! Confirmation that the Future Self Process I offer is not just something conjured up, it’s a real thing.

So let’s do it. Let’s get your Future Self on your team for Manifesting Dreams Come True.

I’m taking bookings now.

PS. If you have questions about this special process email me at esther@whispersfromthesoul.com

Esther Bartkiw Your Host/Facilitator:

Hi I’m Esther Bartkiw, holistic core belief therapist, intuitive and energy reader, super fan and student of astrology. I combine core belief therapy with psychological techniques and methods, energy healing and spirit filled messages, in order to provide practical spiritual, effective guidance and root cause change for my clients. Learn more about me here

If you have any questions about this webinar please contact me directly at esther@whispersfromthesoul.com.

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