Ah Universe loves us so much. Hot on the heels of yesterday’s 9-9-9 and Jupiter movement into Libra today we are being wrapped up in the energy of Neptune squaring Saturn. This is the final squaring in a phase that started in November 2015 with a square and then again in June 2016.

Reflect back to those times, November of last year and June of this year. What was going on in your life then? What was being created? What was dissolving away? What were you grappling with? What was going on in your Soul’s Journey? What shows up right now will build on those events. Deeper healing and release. New information coming to light. Shift in perspective. Completion of cycles. A burst of growth. Movement to being more of the LOVE that you are.

These squares create unrest within and in the world. And part of their influence is to get us to let go of judgments of Self, people, cultures, religion, countries, companies, ideas, social status etc… and move into a space of tolerance, love and compassion.

Yes stand by your principles and beliefs allowing others to do the same in Oneness; knowing that each of us are on our own journey of waking up. Hold space for the collective to break free from the illusion.

Dropping into judgement, anger, protest, frustration, irritation, pushing back only fuels what is already going on in a world that is being challenged by the energy waves of Light and don’t know what to do with them. And it fuels those that want to keep us in the dark. Be the Light.

Neptune represents visualization, imagination, dreams, our spiritual path, tantric practice. Saturn is the planet of responsibility and maturity, dealing in the now with reality. Saturn also assists in manifestation; bringing your dreams into your reality.


Yes the kind of manifestation where you hold that thing you desire in your hands. Now through November the energy of manifestation is juiced up thanks to this final Neptune ~ Saturn square. Please be super clear on what you want to create it just may show up. And when it does show up and you notice that mmm that is is not quite what you were wanting because you weren’t clear, acknowledge your manifesting power, adjust, shift your vibration, release limitations and re-create.

Speaking of dreams. Have you noticed that since about November when these squares started that long held dreams have dissolved away? They just don’t fit any more with you, your new awarenesses, vibrations and heart felt desires. The dreams of the Ego Mind are crumbling and the dreams of the Soul Presence, of the Heart are emerging. Today’s square is assisting in this area as well.

Interestingly Neptune also rules addictions. The shadow side of Neptune. Escapism. And what do we do when we want to escape? Our human Self often drops into addictive patterns to zone out and not feel. Food, drink, shopping, drugs, porn, sex, gambling, smoking, sleeping, watching TV…… For those of you caught in a cycle of addiction Neptune ~ Saturn square may work with you pushing the addiction to the surface forcing you to deal with it once and for all. Keep in mind Saturn is that tough love planet.

Neptune and Saturn are also assisting us in embodiment of Divine Self our I AM into the physical body. Blending Heaven on Earth. This is the piece that excites me most!


Wowee so much going on. As always follow any guidance, intuitive hits that pop up.

~Love, Esther

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