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The Essence of Femininity lives inside of every woman.
It is your true nature, beauty; your beingness.
Your Feminine Energy is your God given energy,
Unique to you. No one can be a woman like you.

The Essence of Femininity is to be wildly in love
and accepting of Self. Your Whole Being.
All of your parts and aspects.
Light and Shadow.

Queen Energy

Confident, Considerate, Loyal; Smart.
Respects herself and others.
Takes care of the people in her circle.
Often career focused. A great boss.

Cold, calculated, critical, distant; jealous.
Treats people like servants.
Deeply insecure IE mirror, mirror on the way who’s the fairest of them all.
Everyone is competition. Leads/crushes men.

Lover Energy

Comfortable with her body, sex and sensuality.
Passionate, Faithful, Creates long lasting relationships.
Enjoys all the pleasures of life.

Sexual but not self empowered. Uses sex as manipulation or to feel good about self.
Nun energy is a shadow aspect; avoids pleasure, rejects men, shuts-down Self; stifles creativity.

Mother Energy

Wise, happy; stable. Creates stability in her home, work
and with friends. Nurturing, Caring, Giving, Considerate,
Confident but doesn’t need to be the boss.

Controlling or absent as mother, wife; friend.
Critical. Jealous of friends, even of her children.
Needs to rule the home or group.
Mothers a man rather then be a wife or girlfriend.

Girl Energy

Innocent, Playful, Fun, Curious; Easy Going.
Affectionate, Lovely, Smiles, Laughs; Sincere.

Immature adult, acts like a child. Damsel in distress.
Doesn’t take responsibility for her life. Victim.
Easily offended, Pouts, Gossips; Wants Her Way.

What is leaking or dimming your feminine energy?

Mother and or Father influence? Societal Influence?
Feminist Ideology, Culture, Religion; self imposed limitations?
Shadow energies?

Are shadow energies holding you back from living more fully in your healthy Feminine Energy?

Shadow = the parts of you which you deem unacceptable, immature, unsupportive, following their own agenda working against you not for you.

As women we have both feminine and masculine energies.

You, a Being of Light, born in a female body, are a blend of both energies, but your feminine energy is the essence of who you are.

Your feminine energy is comprised of different aspects, parts, focus and expression. To Live and Be Divine Feminine, your woman parts must come out of the shadow and mature; blossom.

Carl Jung the famous Swiss Psychoanalyst, referred to our different energies as archetypes and he discussed how each archetype has positive aspects and shadow.

Our shadow parts and aspects are buried in our subconscious and take on a life of their own when left unaddressed, to do as they please without regard for consequence. Our shadow parts and aspects often create unwanted situations in our lives and prevent us from living the life experiences we want to have.

The foundation of the work I do with clients is to discover, explore and change what is programmed in the mind at the level of the subconscious. What is harming and or blocking them from creating their desires including living fully in their healthy feminine energies.

Jungian psychology identifies 12 female archetypes. The types which come up the most in my holistic therapy practice are Queen, Lover, Mother and Girl. The healthy mature aspects of these archetypes and their shadows.

Women who live under the influence of their shadows are being run by subconscious programming. Guided through life and decision making by a hurt, wounded often outdated part of self.

And while shadow self thinks it is protecting you, and it is to a certain point, it is hindering you and holding you back from living the life you want and desire. Your shadow parts prevent you from being a full and healthy expression of your Gorgeous Feminine Energy.

But there is a solution. Face your shadow. Don’t deny, hide or ignore it. Acknowledge, Yes this is a part of who I am, and work with your shadow to integrate it into the whole in a healthy way.

Client Success Story:

A while back, I worked with a young woman in her early thirties who wanted to be married but attracted men who took advantage of her innocence and good nature. Through our session work, it was discovered that she grew up as a daddy’s girl. Her father did and gave her everything she wanted. She never learned how to make decisions or take responsibility for her life because dad always came to the rescue. But then dad passed and she no longer had a man to do and give her everything. She did have a resentful mother.

Her Girl energy was strong both shadow and positive aspects but her Queen Energy was dormant. Lover Energy immature IE. Her belief: If I have sex with you, it means you love me and will take care of me, sent her down a path of hurt, betrayal, heartbreak and emotional abuse. Her Mother energy waffled. At times she was nurturing and kind but she also dipped into shadow Mother energy jealous; controlling.

We worked together on healing her Girl and Lover energies. Waking up Queen energy. Developing healthy Mother energy and integrating them all into the whole of her feminine essence.

We worked to move her towards taking responsibility for her life and disentangling from her father’s energy, the third wheel in any relationship she engaged in. And created awareness that she did not need rescuing from a force outside of herself. She is fully capable of being a helpmate to herself.

The last time I checked in with her she had a job she enjoyed making her own money. Was dating a man who treated her well. Enjoying sex for pleasure rather then using it as a tool to get what she wanted. She no longer felt lost because dad was not there to save the day. Her healthy feminine energies blossoming.

Radiate Healthy Feminine Queen, Lover, Mother, Girl Energies

Here’s How The Course Will Unfold…

  • During out time together, you will learn about the Positive and Shadow Aspects of the Queen, Lover, Mother and Girl Archetypes. How they may show up in your life. Help or Hinder.
  • Equipped with this knowledge you will personally assess your current feminine energies and determine what needs revival, boosting, taming or a complete turn around.
  • You will discover if your feminine energies are dominated by Light or Shadow.
  • Together we will flush out limiting beliefs, patterns, behaviours, outside influence dimming or exaggerating your feminine energies. With this information you will know exactly what issues to focus your inner work on in order to Flourish in Your Beautiful Feminine Energies.
  • For each archetype, I will offer specific energy enhancing activities, home assignments and action steps, designed to help you step into your healthy, mature, feminine energies and Radiate.
  • I Esther, will be accessible to all participants via the Private Women’s Chat Group on Telegram to field questions, comments, offer additional tips and suggestions. To be a source of accountability and support on your journey. Women’s circles and groups are a feminine activity. Actively participating in the group will boost your healthy feminine energies.
  • For those who want to take their experience to the next level, there are two additional opportunities to work with me Esther, one on one.
  • A 30 minute Feminine Energy coaching call to discuss your current feminine energy. Discover what you want to embody and live as a Divine Feminine Energy and create a personal plan to help you get there.
  • Or

  • A 90 minute call combining a Feminine Energy coaching session with an inner work process addressing an issue preventing you from living more fully in your healthy feminine energies.

Fully Participate in this course with Esther
So You Can…

  • Begin to live more fully in your healthy, mature feminine energies, which allows you to be more in the flow, and supports you in Manifesting and Attracting what you want more easily.
  • Design and Create your life from the foundation of mature, healthy, vibrant feminine energies.
  • Harness your lovely and magical feminine energies for Creation. What do you want to create? Live? Experience?
  • Gain a deeper understanding of who you really are. Your new understanding of Self will support you in Living Authentically.
  • You will identify and begin working through your shadow aspects. Stop fighting your shadow and begin to incorporate your shadow into the whole in a balanced and harmonic way.
  • Release limiting beliefs, patterns, behaviors, outside influence subduing your healthy, vibrant feminine energy.
  • Grow psychologically and spiritually.
  • Embrace all of your Feminine Energies and nourish them with love, attention and respect and they will do the same for you.
  • Feel more comfortable in your body.
  • Feel more settled as a Woman.
  • Gain confidence and freedom to be Uniquely YOU.
  • You will energetically be in a space to attract happy, healthy, mature friends, partner; people into your life. People who respect, appreciate, adore and treat you with kindness.
  • Create a Pleasure filled life.
  • Love being a Woman.

Become the Woman you were meant and designed to be, Divine Feminine.

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April 1 – April 15

Gold Package

$127 US

  • Five Video Slide Presentations – Introduction, Queen, Lover, Mother, Girl
  • One Live Video Presentation April 15, 10 am eastern.
  • 25 Additional At Home Feminine Energy Enhancing Activities with Q&A.
  • Feminine Energy Expansion Activities and Assignments specific to developing Queen, Lover, Mother and Girl Energy.
  • Learn Esther’s highly effective process for releasing other people’s energies, an alternative to cutting cords.
  • A Women’s Circle Private Chat Group on Telegram.
  • Access to Esther via the Telegram Group.
  • Access to Videos after the Course Wrap Up.
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Diamond Package

$255 US

Includes everything outlined in the Gold Package plus a 30 minute Feminine Energy Coaching Call with Esther via Instant Teleseminar. Decide what you want to embody and live as a Divine Feminine Energy. Come to the call with your archetype assessment and questions. Together we will design for you a strategy, plan, activities to help mature your feminine aspects and develop full, healthy feminine energies. MP3 recording of the session available.

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Emerald Package

$375 US

Everything that is included in the Gold Package, plus a 90 minute session with Esther via Instant Teleseminar. We start with the Feminine Energy Coaching to design for you a strategy, plan and activities to mature your feminine aspects. Then transition into inner work to begin the process of healing shadow and flourishing in your Divine Feminine Energies. MP3 recording of the session available.

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Program Creator and Host Esther Bartkiw:

I love being a woman. Always have.
My early years were girly and female influenced.

But as a girl, living on a fruit farm, with a dad who had no sons, it was understood that on the farm, everyone from an early age, had to pull their weight with farming duties. Adding to farm life scenario, it was just me and my dad for a long time. Mom influence gone. Dad didn’t know how to raise a daughter. He knew how to work a farm.

The summer I turned 15 I rebelled being a farmer girl/boy and did my best to step back into my girl feminine energy, unsettling my father.

I looked to school friends, the girls who worked at our fruit market, pop singers and movie stars, magazines for inspiration on how to be a female.
As you can imagine, my experience was hit and miss at best with a lot of negative influence especially in the area of body image.

I stumbled along learning how to be a girl while blossoming into a woman. Loving being female and wanting to be feminine in every area of life, but buffering up against farm life, survival patterns, feminist attitudes and ideology and deep personal insecurities.
I did the best I could and in hindsight I did fairly well.

When I underwent a huge personal awakening during my mid-thirties,
I realized I was living more in my masculine energies then feminine.
I noticed that my masculine and feminine energies were at odds with one another. Many of my woman energies were hiding, exhausted, feeling hurt, sad and angry.

I began to study the power of our mind, beliefs and how to consciously create our reality.  I also studied feminine archetypes. Shadow aspects and Light or Positive aspects. I learned how to connect with my feminine parts / aspects and revive, heal and bring them into the whole to support me in my desire to be fully woman.

I also worked with my masculine energy getting it to tone down. Be a support and strength for me, but at the same time to honour that I am a female energy in a woman’s body. Let my feminine energies express and flourish.

Years later, as I write these words to you, I am pleased with how I have developed and enhanced my feminine energies.
I love radiating my femininity to the world.
When I step into shadow feminine energies, I re-correct and re-align.

I’m going to share with you what I’ve learned. Help you to evolve and blossom your gorgeous feminine energies. Support you on your journey. For it’s time to flourish as your beautiful, Divine Feminine Self.
Come, join me.

~Love, Esther

Additional Information:

  • All Beings have aspects of feminine and masculine energy within them. This program and material is designed for those who were born as female in a woman’s body, and want to come into alignment with, develop more fully their natural woman energies.
  • Beta version program: the content is set. I am testing a new delivery system and visual aids etc. Your feedback will be considered and some tweaks may be made when this program is officially launched at a later date at a different price point. You will be given access to any changes and or additional material. You get it all at a special pricing as a thank you.
  • You have three months from the end of program to complete your personal session with Esther. Sessions booked: April 15 to July 15, 2023.
  • Private Sessions are held via Instant Teleseminar system and are free to access via web-call feature on your device. The sessions are recorded and barring a technical glitch will be available to you as a download.
  • Sessions are held Monday to Friday for all times zones. In the morning local time for North America. Morning and afternoon for European Time Zones and Evening local time for Australia/New Zealand/Hawaii. If my time zone changes I will update everyone.
  • Refund Policy
  • More Questions?

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