Today is the beginning of a brand new day. As each dawn breaks all possibilities and new beginnings are presented to each and everyone of us in life and in every situation.

It is beneficial and important to understand and believe in this concept, especially those who feel stuck or as if their back is up against a wall. If you feel that there is no way out and have lost hope, hold fast to the knowledge that each day brings with it the potential for change.

Many people are blind to new possibilities because their mind, their consciousness has not awakened to the point that they can accept alternative choices, beliefs, forms of reality and ways of thinking. If you are stuck and feeling like there is no way out–repeating a pattern over and over again–or just plain unsettled, unhappy with where you are and wanting to start afresh, open your awareness to new ideas and perspectives.

How do you do create new awareness?

Read books. Surf the net for information. Talk to people and ask them their views on issues and subjects. Go outside of your circle to seek alternative perspectives as it is likely those you are close with have the same views and opinions as you do. Work with a professional to uncover your limiting beliefs and views and to explore new ways of thinking.

Remember when listening to other people’s opinions hold them as information rather then truth. Take what resonates with you and try it on for a bit like you would a hat. See if that new perspective is a good fit or not.  It you hear something you are unsure of rather then discard it put it on a shelf and check in on it every once in a while. Anything you learn that doesn’t sit right with you discard it.

A new awareness will usher in a brand new possibility and will open the door to change, new direction and a new reality. Each day dawn breaks and offers up exquisite possibilities in every area of your life.

~Love, Esther

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