Have you been feeling unusually bloated over the last couple of weeks?

I’m not talking about PMS or beer drinking bloating, food allergy or buffet eating bloating.

What I am referring to is that unexplained, what the heck is going on type of bloating.

If that’s you keep reading.


Most likely you are experiencing this bloating down in the lower belly rather than up in your solar plexus. Your stomach is putruding and you can’t make sense of it.

Let me help you out.

Now keep in mind this might not resonate with everyone. Check inside of yourself to see if it is true for you and if not get thee to a naturalpath to help you out.

Over the last 10 days we have experienced the most incredible clearings and shifts on the planet. Intense solar flare activity, earthquakes, hurricane storms, full moon energy, significant alignements of the planets. We are gearing up for Mercury Retrograde (starting Nov. 6th) and the upcoming Super New Moon and Solar Eclipse (Nov 13-14) more to come on that event…… and it is affecting our bodies.

As these waves of energy sweep across the planet and move through our physical bodies and energy systems they are loosening our limitations from deep within our cellular system. Our cells and energy fields are purging and detoxing of limiting beliefs, patterns, behaviors and influence. During this letting go our energy field is expanding, contracting and changing shape and form. As this occurs it is affecting our physical body. Because most of what we are releasing is associated with our lower chakras a bloating affect is the result.

Make sense?

If this is you here’s what I suggest. Don’t panic. If your mind turns to thoughts of, “I’m fat. I don’t look good, ” clear that energy for it is 3D energy.

Place your hand on the bloated area and ask your body: “What can I contribute to you body to assist you during this phase?”

My body told me to flood myself with healing light from the Universe to assist in the detox. When I envision it I see the energy like a liquid plummer product unclogging both my body and energy field.

And again if you feel this is something more then an ascension symptom get to a doctor.

Trust this information is helpful to you and I would love to hear what you are experiencing or noticing. Leave a comment below.

~Love, Esther


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