I was scrolling through my twitter feed when I noticed someone posted the question:

Fat Chance vs Slim Chance, What’s The Difference?

To me the answer was obvious, but the more I stared at the words on my computer screen the more I realized that people could answer that question in different ways.

For me a fat chance has a connotation of “It’s never going to happen.” I can hear a sneer or a scoff in a person’s voice as they say, “Fat chance.”

When I hear, “Slim chance,” in my head I hear a tone of hope and of possibility.

And so for me that is the difference. Slim chance offers a glimmer of hope and possibility. It offers an opening for a miracle to happen.

Fat chance has a negative or limiting energy attached to it; a closing of a door energy, definitely not open to miracles.

The question Fat Chance vs Slim Chance, What’s the difference? is very much like the glass half empty or half full debate.

It all depends on your perspective which is anchored in your beliefs.

Do you believe in possibilities and miracles?

Or are you grounded in a belief that nothing ever works out and that the world is against you?

It’s like playing the lottery. The fat chance people scoff and say “Why are you spending your money the odds are against you?”

The slim chance people will say, “Someone always wins, why not me?”

I’m a slim chance girl. I believe in miracles and all possibilities. And you?

~Love, Esther

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