FAQs Bosnian Pyramids Sacred Activation Package

Bosnian Pyramids Sacred Activations FAQ

Hi it’s me Esther, thank you for choosing the Bosnian Pyramid Sacred Activations Program.

These Activations have been created to purify, cleanse and release from your personal energy field existing patterns, blocks and belief preventing you from Ascending to the highest levels of consciousness and vibration available to you at this time.

The Sacred Activations are structured to work with you on all levels and layers of your body and energy field:physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, history, generational, your RNA, DNA, throughout all dimensions,time, space and realities.

This is a powerful program of Activations designed to assist in creating change and transformation in all areas of your life.

Within this package there is an Activation perfectly suited to help you address and transmute whatever block or issue is showing up and keeping you from your dreams, desires and merging into Oneness with your Divine Self, The Light and Love that you are; you Soul Signature.

While I offer you guidelines on how to use the program I also encourage you to use your intuition and own wisdom from within on how best to incorporate the Bosnian Pyramid Sacred Activations into your life. There is no right or wrong way to use these Energy Protocols, however there is one stipulation…..Use the Activations.

Save The MP3’s To Your Computer Or Device

Before you begin to listen to the recordings please save each Activation to your computer or device. Create a Bosnian Pyramid Sacred Activations file and keep them close at hand.

Follow The Simple Instructions I Offer

From time to time during the Activations, I will offer you simple instructions to follow. Your job is to relax, be with the Energy and receive.

How Many Activations Can I Do Per Day?

Because the energy of the Bosnian Pyramids is so potent I suggest that you do at the most, one or two Activations per day. Keeping it simple will allow for proper integration of the energy and you will have a deeper awareness of what comes up for release and or for your attention. Sometimes in order for an energy to leave our field we need to have a conscious awareness or learning and acknowledge Yes I get it, I don’t need that energy lingering around anymore. By sticking to one or two Activations per day you will give yourself the space and time to have these insights and awareness allowing for a deeper release.

What Do I Do Once The Activation Is Complete?

Once you take yourself through an Activation you are free to go about your day enjoying the energy as it continues to work with and through you.

The Energy is potent and while the process is just starting during the few minutes we spend together, the energy will stay with you for hours, days and weeks unraveling layers and clearing out density. Each time you participate in an Activation you access deeper layers and aspects of yourself flushing them out from the shadows and to the surface for release.

Can I Just Listen To One Activation At A Time?

Yes some people may choose one Activation and listen to it daily for weeks until they move onto the next.This is also a fine way of using the program.

What If I am Unsure Which Activation To Use?

If you are ever unsure as to which Activation to use for a particular issue or limitation in your life opt for the Ravne Tunnels Activation as per guidance from the Beings of Light.

The Bosnian Pyramids And Ravne Tunnels Will Work With You On ANY Issue, Concern and/or Desire.

Hold an intention of what you want to release, shift, change, enhance, create etc… Then intuitively select an Activation to listen to or rotate them using all the Pyramid Energies to assist. The Energies will work with you to clear any blocks standing in the way and infuse you with the right and perfect frequencies to help you to manifest your desire. Follow any inspired action steps or guidance that come forward.

What Is The Static White Noise I Hear?

The sounds of the Pyramids and Ravne Tunnels! Each recording is infused with the frequency of some aspect of the Bosnian Pyramids Source Energy. Some of the frequencies will be audible to you. Other frequencies are not audible to the human ear but are embedded into the recordings. The “White Noise” is actually the frequency, tones and vibrations of the Pyramids and or Ravne Tunnels.


How Were These Activations Created?

These Activations were created during one of my visits to the Bosnian Pyramids. I was directed to spend time at different locations in the Valley of the Pyramids recording frequencies and taking notes from the Pyramids and Tunnels on how to best use the energy for your highest and best good.

Everything I offer you in this package has been channeled to me by the Pyramids, Tunnel Energies and the Star Beings who dwell in this magical place. We are co-creators of this program and its focus of change.

Would Journaling Be a Good Idea?

If you enjoy journaling then yes keep a journal or tablet close by to note your thoughts, feelings, emotions and any sensations you may experience. This way you can gradually develop your skills of noticing and feeling the flow of energy and information. Often during Activations people will receive guidance, direction, new perspectives and A Ha moments which contribute to greater release and expansion of Self. You may want to make note of such occurrences.

Do I Need To Listen To The Activations Over and Over?

Some people may wonder if they really need to keep listening to the Activations over and over. Rest assured that even if you listen to each recording once you are receiving benefit. From my personal experience and working one on one with people just like you from all over the world, the more you listen, the greater the release, inner shift and expansion. I always suggest to everyone I work with to go deeper and listen to Activations again and again. You will intuitively know when you are Full, need to take a break or move onto the next piece.

Can I Loop The Recording And Listen While I Sleep?

Absolutely. Several of these Activations require your active participation so I suggest that you be awake and conscious during the process at least a few times. If you loop the recordings for your sleep state don’t be surprised if you wake up in the middle of the night with an insight or inspired action step. When that happens The Energy is telling you that you must be awake and aware for that piece.

Can I Play The MP3’s At Low Or No Volume and Receive Benefit?

Because these Activations are infused with the Frequencies of the Bosnian Pyramids you can also play them with low or no volume and still receive the vibrations. Again if you feel off or restless check within, likely the energy needs your consciousness attention about some issue or matter to help you dissolve, transmute and move on.

Hey I Am Now Connecting With The Energy of The Pyramids Easily, Is That Normal?

Once you get familiar and accustomed to the Energy Frequencies don’t be surprised if you find yourself connecting with the pyramids automatically and feeling their vibrations working with you even when you are not listening to a recording. The energy is powerful and intelligent and knows how to work specifically with you.

Will I Experience A Healing Crisis?

When I went into the studio to record the Bosnian Pyramid Sacred Activations I asked the energy to be gentle with your release so that healing crises would be kept to a minimum. If you do find yourself in the midst of a healing crisis check in with yourself and follow the guidance. Perhaps you need to rest, hydrate,ground yourself, spend time outdoors, meditate, take a salt bath or a pause from your Activation work for a few days.

What Makes These Activations So Powerful?

Yes I agree they are powerful. That is the power of the Pyramids. As I mentioned they are Alive and Active and wanting to assist. I am also trained as a Certified Core Belief Engineering TM Practitioner a technique which is incorporated into these processes. In addition because I was able to record the frequency of the pyramids and actually infuse them into the MP3 the energies are potent and present with you ready to assist.

How Can I Stay In Touch With You Esther?

I would love to stay in touch with you too. There are a few ways to connect with me.

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Here is a brief outline of some of the issues which will be addressed in each activation. I say some because in oneness everything is connected and when one layer or aspect of yourself is being worked with, everything attached to it is also being shifted. The Energy is not bound by descriptions, time or space.

The Sun Pyramid is a masculine energy and this Energy Protocol will help you activate higher frequencies and vibrations in the all areas of your life including but not limited to Self, Worth, Deserving, Power, Strength, Sovereignty over mind and body and a harmonic blend of Masculine Energy. This process will help you to experience more ease and joy in all areas of your life starting with Self Power and Recognition. Assist you in connecting more deeply with your Cosmic Heritage And Star Family.

The Moon Pyramid is connected to Feminine Energy, Intuition, Psychic Abilities, Dreams, The Inner World, Our Senses Earthly and Universal, Knowing, Perception, Alternate Realities, Nurturing and the Divine Feminine.

Dragon: This a powerful Sacred Activation channeled to change and transform your Limiting beliefs and patternings absorbed from your culture, heritage, family lineage and the collective. We also focus on neutralizing and releasing generational energy blocks, along with old, outdated and limiting paradigms from religion, war, poverty and more.

Love Pyramid Activation is an Energy Protocol that will assist you in activating higher frequencies and vibrations in the all areas of your life focusing on Love, Self Love, romantic love, relationships of all kinds, pure Source love, what we believe to be love;the energy of LOVE. This Activation will help you to experience more Love in your life whether it is acceptance and loving yourself more deeply, creating long lasting satisfying relationships, partnerships, collaboration in the work place, ignite passion and interest in your life and connect you with and vibrate the energy of Love on a global scale.

Ravne Tunnels: Use this Activation for issues of healing, health, body issues, well being, youth, vitality, rejuvenating Self, to simply feel better. It is the Go To Sacred Activation for any situation in your life. This energy protocol is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, seek medical attention as necessary and use this energy process in combination with guidance from a health professional.

Sacred Water Activation: The water of the Sun and Moon Pyramids and Ravne Tunnels in Visoko Bosnia is encoded with ancient wisdom, secrets, information and healing vibrations. It has been tested by Dr. Emoto and shown to be of a beautiful molecular structure like a Christmas Tree. Bosnian Pyramid Water is alive! The Sacred Water Activation will connect you with the vibration ,wisdom and healing properties of the water from the Sun and Moon Pyramids and Ravne Tunnels.

Enjoy your time with the Energies of the Sacred Bosnian Pyramids.

~Love, Esther


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