Radiate In The Fullness Of Your Healthy Feminine Energies
Program Starts April 1st

Answers to your FAQ’s:

How Long Is The Program?

It starts April 1st and wraps up April 15th with a live call and teaching.
However the Private Women’s Chat Group on Telegram will remain open to field questions, comments, offer additional tips and suggestions; for community.

What Is the Program Format?

Five Video Slide Presentations – Introduction, Queen, Lover, Mother, Girl
One Live Video Presentation April 15th, 10 am eastern, featuring 25 Additional At Home Feminine Energy Enhancing Activities with Q&A.
Feminine Energy Expansion Activities and Assignments specific to developing Queen, Lover, Mother and Girl Energy.
A Women’s Circle Private Chat Group on Telegram.
Access to Esther via the Telegram Group.
Access to Videos after the Course Wrap Up.

The first video drops April 1st and a new one will be sent to you every three days.
On April 15th we gather for a live video presentation. It will be recorded and sent to everyone in case you are not able to join in live.

I will be accessible to everyone on the Telegram Group to field questions, comments, offer additional tips and suggestions. To be a source of accountability and support on your journey.

What does it mean that this is a beta version program?

The content of the program is fully set but I am testing a new delivery system and visual aids etc. Your feedback will be considered and some tweaks may be made when the program is officially launched at a later date at a different price point. You will be given access to any changes and or additional material. You get it all at a special pricing as a thank you.

Who is this program for?

All Beings have aspects of feminine and masculine energy within them. This program and material is designed for those who were born as female in a woman’s body, and want to come into alignment with, develop more fully their natural woman energies.

It doesn’t matter your age, relationship, martial or economic status, if you are a woman this program is for you to get to know and explore your Queen, Lover, Mother and Girl Archetypes/Energies. To develope, enhance and blossom your feminine energies.

What Can I Expect From This Program?

Participate fully so you can …

Begin to live more fully in your healthy, mature feminine energies, which allows you to be more in the flow, and supports you in Manifesting and Attracting what you want more easily. Design and Create your life from the foundation of mature, healthy, vibrant feminine energies.
Harness your lovely and magical feminine energies for Creation. What do you want to create? Live? Experience?

Gain a deeper understanding of who you really are. Your new understanding of Self will support you in Living Authentically.

You will identify and begin working through your shadow aspects. Stop fighting your shadow and begin to incorporate your shadow into the whole in a balanced and harmonic way. Release limiting beliefs, patterns, behaviors, outside influence subduing your healthy, vibrant feminine energy.

Grow psychologically and spiritually.

Embrace all of your Feminine Energies and nourish them with love, attention and respect and they will do the same for you.

Feel more comfortable in your body.

Feel more settled as a Woman.

Gain confidence and freedom to be Uniquely YOU.

You will energetically be in a space to attract happy, healthy, mature friends, partner; people into your life. People who respect, appreciate, adore and treat you with kindness.

Create a Pleasure filled life.

Love being a Woman.

Become the Woman you were meant and designed to be, Divine Feminine.
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If you have additional questions please email me at esther@whispersfromthesoul.com


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