July 23rd Energy Update: The Full Moon shifts of earlier this week continue to integrate. A couple of days ago I wrote on Face Book that this was one of the most powerful full moons I have felt and experienced in several months. Along with La Luna, Uranus was making its presence known with surprises, shifts; revolutionary change. And Wow since Monday I have experienced all of this in a big way.

The change is all happening within but I am getting loads of signs of shift. For instance the day before the Full Moon I wrote a rough draft of a blog post. Two days after the Full Moon I went to edit that post and everything I wrote no longer applied. My perspective and understanding of the issue and situation dramatically and I mean dramatically changed.

I have had a foundational shift this week thanks to La Luna and I know on some level you have too. I often write ~ question everything even those things that you believe are positive and expansive. Do this with curiosity and openness and soon you will discover that even the most positive beliefs hold limitations.

I am running the multidimensional sequence of self love, knowing self as Love, as Light, as Divine, as One. It’s my theme of change for 2016. And this integration, intensified by the Full Moon has been nothing short of revolutionary.

Last night I had a dream that I was at a university type school, packing up my apartment and waiting for dad to come pick me up because I was done; graduated. Graduation dreams and apartment moving dreams are my personal sign of a huge shift in consciousness and vibration. Sadly in the dream I also saw a bunch of people walking along the road in what appeared to be Halloween like costumes chained to one another like a chain gang. Even in the dream I knew that these were people still chained to the 3D illusion. And yes I recognized a few faces.

So that brings me to today’s energy update as yes there was a purpose to sharing my experience. The Full Moon energies continue to integrate breaking down existing structures within and in your outward reality. With the Moon in Pisces today there is a dreamy, imaginative energy to the day. You may want to be alone or spend time with just really close friends. Take care of the basics in your life and leave the rest to another day. It is a fabulous day to engage in spiritual practice. Change is happening!

~Love, Esther

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