It was our last night in the jungle and we celebrated with dancing and music around a bonfire. Musicians from a nearby Shipibo Community came to play and lead us in dance.  The spirits of the jungle also joined us beckoned by our joy, the music and the love radiating from each and everyone of us.

The Spirits appeared as orbs as we danced around the fire. You can see evidence of them in the picture below. Some big and shiny and others more translucent. 

Spirits and Obs At The Jungle Bonfire: Photo by Karen

Now some of you might be thinking what is an Orb?

By definition an Orb is a spherical body or globe. Many believe that Orbs are spirits in the form of light. A life force. Angels, nature spirits, elementals, separate life forms, spirits of those who have passed can all appear as Orbs.

Some Orbs are very bright and are solid in form while others are more transparent. An Orb with a strong energy is usually very bright and solid with a fast or erratic pattern of movement.

Orbs show up often in photographs particular when taken in nature, around children or animals and where there is an energy of joy or celebration.

There are skeptics and many people brush off Orbs as dust or particles. Studies have concluded that Orbs which are bright, vibrate or leave a trail are likely to be real.

I have tried to capture Orbs in photographs in the past but my camera never picks them up. On this trip two ladies Karen and Jamie had high end equipment and caught some fascinating images.

Here’s a picture of me dancing with an Orb off to my left side.

Esther and An Orb. Photo by Karen

In this next picture the same Orb appears to be in the lower right corner. Notice it is about the same shape.

Betto and the Orb. Photo by Jamie

And here’s what appears to be the same Orb at the top of the photo, along with one in the lower right corner. What powerfully strong Orbs.

Orb at the bonfire. Photo by Jamie

I selected these images to show you because they come from different cameras and yet the brilliance, shape and size of these Orbs appear to be similar.

I’m a believer? Are you?

Please share your Orb stories and pictures.

~Love, Esther

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