2011 didn’t turn out the way you expected or hoped for? We can all relate on some level for each and everyone of us end 2011 with some goals and dreams achieved, some still in motion and others sitting on the shelf collecting dust.

But wait there is good news! Don’t be discouraged if 2011 didn’t turn out the way you planned because 2012 ushers in new opportunity to complete what has been set into motion and to jump start those goals and dreams sitting on the sidelines.

We all know that setting goals and intentions can be done at any time of the year but for many there is something about the energy of the new year that gets us all revved up and ready to go.

This is not a post about resolutions and tips on how to keep them. Rather today I want to whisper something to you so softly and yet so loud that every cell of your being will absorb it, resonate with it and create a call to action.

Everything You Seek Is Seeking You.

As soon as you think a thought, touch on a dream, set an intention and/or write down a goal you vibrate with that thing you are seeking. The very second you think a thought, that thought creates a vibration it is the Law of the Universe. Then the Universe jumps into action attracting to you the very thing you are thinking about.

So you see the very thing you are thinking about, intending or visualizing is seeking you the moment you place your intention upon it because of energy and law of vibration. Like attracts like, good or bad every time.

Thoughts are energy and hold a vibration. In fact everything in the universe is energy and has a vibration including the chair you are sitting on, the computer mouse in your hand, the food you are snacking on and well…. YOU.

Like energy and vibrations are attracted to one another. This is why we have sayings like: birds of a feather flock together. This is why singles hang out with singles, those wanting to lose weight join weight loss clubs and creative people band together in creativity.

There are many great books you can read to learn about The Law of Attraction if this is new information to you. My favorite  is Ask and It Is Given by Esther Hicks and Abraham.

In meantime remember Everything You Seek Is Seeking You. Once you have a thought about it the Universe sets in motion people, circumstances and information to help you connect with what you are thinking about.

Your job is to  stay focused on your goal so what you are seeking finds you. That means overcome your fears. Release and change your limiting beliefs. Replace low self confidence with loads of confidence and bring down the obstacles standing in your way.

The energy of 2012 is supporting you and people like myself are here to help you along the way.

2012 opens the door to all possibilities. 2012 has the potential of becoming the best year of your life, the year you have been waiting for when all the pieces fall into place.  You get to choose. 

And along the way remember my whisper Everything You Seek Is Seeking You.

~Love, Esther


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