Gentle Reminder—> When something goes “Wrong” in your life, it’s not Universe’s fault, nor the Full Moon’s or the Eclipse, or Mercury in Retrograde or Mars and Venus battling it out in the cosmos. The planets and celestial events are not to blame for what is happening in your life.

Everything is energy and we attract to us according to our vibrations, thus anything showing up in your life, perceived good or bad, is a match to some vibration held within. It might be a belief, patterning, emotion, behavior, thought, concept of reality, cellular memory etc…

Blaming Universe and/or the Cosmos is victim consciousness.

What if instead you took this stance: Oh beautiful La Luna thank for you for illuminating to me that the emotion around that painful memory from the past is still buried within.

Oh Mercury in Retrograde thank you for giving me this time to review and re-evaluate my plans so I can see if I am engaging in the same old limiting pattern yet again.

Blessed Saturn thank you for being being serious yet loving supporting me in my goals and desires while encouraging me in a tough love kind of way to build my creations on a solid foundation. Thank you for pointing out where I need to shore up my self power, confidence and trust.

Oh Solar Eclipse thank you for eclipsing that job out of my life ever so quickly. I would have never left it on my own but this kick in the butt is exactly what I need to get me into action mode and set into motion the creation of my dream business.

The other piece I would like to gently point out—> What if everything you perceive is wrong is actually oh so right and showing up to get you you back on track? into vibrational alignment because Universe loves you that much?

I too Love you so much!


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