In the world we live in, many people feel that everything is out of their control.
That life is about reacting to what is happening.

And while it is true, that in our current world reality, there are people and groups in control ie: government policy, food supply, banking, education system, what is available and not available in regards to medical, medicine, remedies, chemtrails, self expression and our physical movement …

YOU ARE IN CONTROL of the most important piece.

You are in control of your thoughts. Those electric signals you send out to the world like a beacon.

You are in control of your emotions, your emotional state.

You get to choose your thoughts and emotions.

Thoughts and Emotions are all under your control.

When you choose to focus on thoughts and fill your being with emotions which are uplifting, supportive, high vibration …
those thoughts and emotions shape and determine your actions, patterns, behaviors, responses, outlook, choices and decisions.
All of those elements form together to create your life’s reality.

There are many different realities currently playing out on earth.

We each live and experience our own reality while living within the reality of the 3D world.

You are not powerless. You are Powerful.

You control what you personally live and experience because you control your thoughts and emotions, which shape your reality.

Read that again.

You control what you personally live and experience because you control your thoughts and emotions, which shape your reality.

Knowing that you do have control in a world where it appears like everything is out of your control, is liberating.

Now knowing you have control over your thoughts and emotions, take a minute to reflect on whether or not you are consciously paying attention to your thoughts and emotions, or living on default mode thinking and feeling. Thinking and feeling based on the external, your past, other people’s opinions; unresolved issues within.

Pay attention to your thoughts and emotions. Make this your number one focus. 

During the upcoming Vibe Up To Line Up, NEW EDITION, we are going to focus on raising your vibration by focusing on your emotional state first, and also your thoughts.

It’s a 21 day on line program with seven modules, including home assignments and activities to help you to develop a new behavior when it comes to assessing and pumping up your vibration = the energy you send out to the world. The energy that draws back to you in likeness.

Here’s some of what we are going to cover:

How to feel your emotions and let them run through you rather then take up residence. I am going to share with you my technique that works.

How to turn your vibe around when you dip because we all dip.

How to identify the triggers which cause a shift in vibration whether moving up or down the scale.

Change your Vibe using external stimulus.

Change your Vibe without external stimulus. This is vibration SELF MASTERY.

How your Future Self can help you to raise your vibration.

Morning and Evening Routines to build a solid vibration foundation.

Circadian Rhythm living. Being in sync with the sun and nature 100% affects your vibe.

Program starts November 1st.

Details and Sign Up Here:

If you have questions about the event please ask.

See you next month as we begin to Vibe Up Together.

Love, Esther

Access Me Here:

PS. You will notice that I have switched to a new payment processing system. Also for Canadian Clients you can pay via ebank transfer. Reach out to me and we will set it up.

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