Every relationship you are in has a purpose.

Whether it is an intimate love relationship of husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend…

The relationship between siblings, cousins and friends…

The relationship you have with your workmates, the people you gather with to drink coffee, play sports, meditate or do crafts with…

The relationships you have big or small with the clerk at the grocery store, the man who issues you your lottery ticket, the ticket taker at the parking garage all have a purpose…

Every relationship has a purpose.



Yes some are deeper then others.

Some are longer then others.

Some involve conflict and others involve love, affection and camaraderie.

When you begin to see everyone moving in and out of your life,whether they bring joy or a scowl to your face, as a relationship with a purpose, then you begin to see the magic of life. You begin to see how everyone and everything is connected. You begin to see that nothing is by chance and that everything has a purpose.

Including every relationship you have ever had and will have in the future.

Each relationship provides you with an opportunity to heal old wounds, learn about forgiveness, propel you forward in your own growth; bring joy and love into the world.

Bless those relationships. Be grateful for them even the trying ones for they teach you the most.

Be okay with releasing relationships when their time has come to end.

Every relationship has a purpose. Place this belief on the filters of your eyes and you will begin to see everyone and the world around you in a whole new way.

~Love, Esther

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