Esther, What Do You Do?

My work is to help people cultivate the right mindset consciously and subconsciously, to support them in living, creating, manifesting, experiencing, the life they desire.

Cultivating the right mindset, may require a number of different approaches.

For some people it might be inner healing of past events. Addressing hurt, pain, abandonment, attachment, lack of love, trust; self worth issues.

For others it might be waking and growing up parts and aspects of Self, that have been frozen back in time. Stuck at age four while you the adult are now 53.

It could be clearing away a past or parallel life carry over.

It’s definitely reframing and inputting new beliefs, patterns, behaviors, concepts of reality; perceptions.

Sometimes it’s awakening the conscious mind, ie. the adult person I am working with, to show them there are bigger and different possibilities. A new and better way. That options and solutions are available. Showing them that they are limiting themselves by the perspectives and beliefs held by their mind. Encouraging them to be curious and willing to consider something new. Most often, the conscious adult mind requires an ah ha, a realization before the subconscious mind will even consider making a change.

On rare occasions, I work with people whose subconscious offers them plenty of upbeat, positive thoughts and perspectives. It is the conscious mind, the adult in front of me, who has shutdown and requires awakening.

Sometimes the conscious mind is awake, open and unlimited, but there is a subconscious program running the show and we need to discover, explore shift and change it. This scenario is most common.

There are times when a memory resolution is required. A person has a memory that comes up over and over again. They can’t escape the loop of it. Or it might be the replay loop of mom’s words, dad’s voice, ex lover’s voice; the person that hurt and betrayed them. They hear that voice over and over in their head. They replay the memories over and over. This patterning keeps them stuck in the past. Continuously reliving the past. That memory, voice, those words looping over and over like a tape record need to be resolved in a peaceful way. The tape pulled out. Yes there are occasions when a tape pull is required. Gently and effectively.

Sometimes it is influence from other people, other energies, places, covering or blanketing the person, we call it an overlay, that keeps them from creating what they want. Imagine you wanting to be you, but you are covered by a tarp day in and out, hindering your experience; expression.

Often what stands in the way of change is self doubt, self loathing, fear, worry, I can’t, but you don’t understand, what if it doesn’t work, I tried that before, the world is against me … that whole package. You know the one. Most people hold these emotional and mental conditions to some degree or another and it’s running the show. In this situation, the conscious mind needs to wake up and become as I say, the captain of the ship, run the show with the subconscious following the direction and desires of the conscious mind saying, How can I help you? Instead of, oh no you can’t do that, oh no that is not possible; oh no we aren’t going there.

This is the holistic therapy, inner work, I do with clients. Which approach is required is revealed as sessions unfold, but it does become quite clear. Most often what is needed to create a shift, leading to change, is a combination of all I have outlined above.

I have noticed that when a person makes a firm decision, ie. I am going to start to do the inner work, so I can create this thing that I want … limitations begin to reveal themselves. Making a firm decision initiates a big push out of the starting gate and gets energy moving.

At the same time, inner parts supportive and rooting for success rise up. Excited, eager and swift to change during session work.

And sometimes there is inner resistance and protest. Don’t despair, all that means is a little more conscious and or subconscious work is required.

The good news is, when you stick with the process, change can be accomplished.

Change of thought, belief, perspective leads to a change in behavior, pattern and actions, which create a shift. When you have a series of shifts they build up and eventually culminate in the change you desire.

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Love Esther

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Hi I’m Esther Bartkiw, holistic core belief therapist, intuitive and energy reader; entangled with LIGHT. I blend core belief therapy with psychological tips, tools and techniques, spiritual concepts and practices to facilitate for my clients deep inner change which positively transforms their day to day reality.

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