Cosmic and Earth Energy Updates + Universal Teachings, to support you in living each day empowered, ready to seize opportunity, face obstacles and be the architect of your life.

  • Live in tune with the energies rather then battle against them.
  • Receive insight on how you may be influenced by cosmic and earth energies and how best to support yourself.
  • Confirmation that you are not crazy, there may be another reason why you feel a certain way, why you are attracting a certain situation into your life.
  • To support your growth and awakening. Expand your awareness, consciousness, thoughts, intentions and actions.
  • To help you navigate the cosmic waters, earth plain and collective energies. Harnessing the energies for your best.
  • Empower yourself. You are the creator of your reality. The master of your mind and body. Therefore you are most powerful above all else.
  • Information to help you make and take supportive choices and actions in your life.

But Wait!!!! That’s Not All.

Energy Updates with Esther are more then cosmic and earth reports,

We’re going to LEARN about Energy, Vibration; Frequency.
The Laws of the Universe. Updates + Teachings.

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Energy Updates + Universal Teachings

Get Updates on Major Planetary Transits, Moon Phases, Eclipse Season, Solar Activity, Schumann Resonance Spikes, Cosmic Activity not talked about in mainstream, Seasonal Shifts, What’s Happening in The Collective Consciousness, Channeled Downloads, Psychological Tips and Tools, Esther’s Core Belief Therapy, Teachings to gain understanding, knowledge and expand your Consciousness, Suggestions for Ceremonies and Rituals +++

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Tools Used By Esther

Astrology, Cosmic Events ie. Comets, Schumann Resonance, Solar Flares, Sun Energies, Eclipses, Channeled Downloads of Information, Collective Consciousness, Energy Teachings, Psychology, Core Belief Therapy Esther’s Signature Modality, Ceremony ie. Full Moon, Rituals +++

Personal Message From Esther

Hi I’m Esther Bartkiw. Since 2004 I have been helping people live better lives, feel more confident and manifest goals and dreams by helping them to discover, explore and change limiting beliefs and their systems held by the mind.

Around 2007 I noticed during facilitation of private session work, that I was receiving message, ‘out of nowhere,’ that would guide us to giant breakthroughs for my clients.

I pursued learning about + understanding the messages and where they came from, and I realized I was channeling Universal information.

I dedicated time to getting comfortable with receiving messages, and honouring + trusting the information coming through. When I felt confident with the process, I started to offer readings of Divine Guidance.

Over time, my personal development and spiritual growth offerings, expanded to teaching about vibration, frequency, Laws of the Universe, Manifesting Goals and Dreams, How to Connect with Spirit Guides, Spiritual Teachings, The Energies of the Bosnian Pyramids, Spirit Release, Retreats, Circadian and Quantum Biology etc…

My focus is ALWAYS to empower YOU to be your own healer, more conscious and confidence, in charge of your life and to live your adventure.

Creating this Energy Update +++ Telegram Group, is the next step to assisting YOU in expanding your knowledge and understanding of cosmic/earth energies, so you can make supportive choices and actions which ultimately shape and determine your life.

Now, This is important to know about me…

I hold the belief that you co-create your reality with God/Universe. You are the master of your domain, mind, body and spirit. You are more powerful then you even know. That God/Universe is always sending you signs, clues, messages, people and energies which guide you along the way. Energy updates are one tool for you to use as you design and live your life.

I hold the stance that knowing what is happening in the cosmos and on earth energetically, is akin to a weather report. Information for your consideration. Just as you would prepare for a wintry weather day with boots, gloves, coat, hat, snow brush and extra time to get where you are going, energy updates offer you insight on how you can prepare for the day, week, month; season. Treat the updates like a weather report, even as entertainment. Information for you to consider rather than information that binds you.


  • Private Telegram Group.
  • Several times a week.
  • Ability to make comments and interact with like minded people.
  • Channeled Content from Universe, through Me, to You … directly and quickly!
  • Special Offers and Opportunities.

SUBCRIBE FOR $8.88 US PER MONTH. First month $5.55 US

Don’t forget to input promo code ENERGY555 to get the intro special offer.

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, clFAQ’s

How do I access Telegram? You need a smartphone. Go to the App Store on your phone and download the Telegram App. You will be sent a link to join the Private Group. Click on that link while you are on your phone.

You can also set up Telegram on your PC, but first it must be set up on your Android or IPhone.

How Many Energy Updates will we get? It all depends on what is happening in the sky and on the earth. Between the updates and the teachings you will receive plenty of information to support you.

What if I miss one of your updates? You won’t miss a thing. Between the search function and ability to scroll back, you will have all of the information at your finger tips. The search function is really good.

Will you answer personal questions on Telegram? I promise to read all of your comments and shared experiences. If I notice a common question coming up I will address it. If you are interested in a private reading or inner work sessions, the information and sign up is on my website.

What if I want to unsubscribe?  Send an email to to unsubscribe. Your Stripe receipt will tell you the day your month is up. Be sure to allow at least two days prior to subscription roll over to notify us of your decision. Time zone differences, sleep time cause delays in receiving emails. Once a subscription rolls over for another month there are no refunds so keep track of your subscription renewal date. However I feel you’ll stick around. The group is that good.

Will you continue to offer Energy Updates on Social Media? Yes, teasers and heads up. The details, tips, deep dive information is exclusive to the Telegram Group.

How Will I Get The Telegram Link?  Check your invoice from Stripe for the link.


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