Something strange is happening on the energy front.

Friday night I dreamt that I was helping my friend sort out her business. We created a sign for her establishment, built new steps to her front door and tossed around marketing concepts.

Saturday night I dreamt she was helping me with a new seminar I was putting together. She was actively recuiting people to attend.

Saturday I smashed a full bottle of Burberry Brit ladies fragrance on the floor of The Bay department store. I sprayed the bottle and then missed placing it back on the counter.

This morning I went to the gym, closed a door and a mirror hanging on the wall fell and shattered.

Then I spilled a glass of water.

Typically when I have a shift in my energy field I spill and knock over beverages one right after another.

This energy shift has me not only spilling drinks but smashing glass.

It was all very unusual and happened in a short time span.

So I checked in with my inner Self. It told me that indeed I was experiencing change in my energy field. It’s an aggressive energy that is being released from my system.

I wanted to know if it was necessary for me to know what was being released for my own understanding. (I like to be in the know.)

My inner Self chuckled in a loving way and said it is not always necessary for me to know what is being released. Just accept the shift and be grateful for the positive change.

My Spirit also reminded me to continue to ground myself during these turbulent times. I beefed up my grounding practices to several times a day rather then  just evening and mornings.

As I write this I am still feeling this energy swing but I stand firm in my personal power and trust in God the Universe.

It is interesting times we live in and oh so very much fun.

~Love, Esther


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