Ending Separation From The Body Beautiful

It’s time to end separation from our body and fully embrace it as the special vessel it is housing our Soul Essence, assisting us during our life experience, giving us the opportunity as a Light Being to be able to touch, feel, smell, taste, hold, caress, play, enjoy life on Earth.

While it may be tempting to engage on your Soul’s Journey of Ascension focusing solely on the mental, emotional and spiritual levels you cannot bypass the body.

It is the vehicle for your learning, growth and self expression.

Just as we have been in separation from Source we have been in separation from our body. The body is part of the Whole.

We bring back into harmony our fragmented, lost, outdated parts and aspects.

We have and are ending separation from Source.

It has been impressed upon me that NOW is the time to fully end separation with our Body Beautiful.

No matter what state you perceive your body to be in right now, it is your home and it is also in transformation to New.

It is becoming a brand NEW vessel to support your always expanding inner Light and Awareness.

Ending separation with your body, bringing it into harmony with the Whole, allowing your body to update and upgrade as you are and supporting the Body in this process is more important than ever before.

Your body is the vessel, the container to hold your Light and as you raise your vibration, your body must also transform to hold your Magnificent Light.

It’s time to embrace the body as part of the Whole and for those who are already engaged with the Body, to kick up the relationship to a new level.

During the recent Eclipse Equinox Energy Event I hosted it became apparent to me that our Bodies need our attention and care more than ever, as it to transforms into New along with our mind and energy field.

When one participant wrote me saying, Esther help me to end separation with my body, ding, ding, ding, ding the Call came to not only assist the Eclipse Group in the harmonization, to assist ALL who are ready and willing.

What creates separation with the body. Truly many beliefs, attitudes and practices including but not limited to:

  • shame
  • viewing the body as a “thing” instead of the living breathing entity that it is
  • the body not trusting you
  • you not trusting the body
  • placing heavy expectations on the body
  • not hearing or heeding the body’s messages
  • past life influence of harm to the body, being killed while in a body
  • berating the body with words, food and substance abuse, cutting, starving, overeating, hitting, inflicting pain on the body
  • not feeling safe in the body
  • not feeling safe to change the body and move towards greater health and well being
  • energetic overlays from mom, dad, friends, family, culture, society, magazine covers, distorted perceptions of a what a perfect body is
  • being a dictator to your body rather than a partner
  • fear of being functional in the body because then I have to do things and what if I might fail? What if people don’t like what I have to offer?
  • disengaging from the body because eww you don’t like how it appears to you
  • full on hatred towards the body or disgust, anger
  • not fully understanding the importance of the body
  • feeling not good enough, not worthy, not deserving of being in harmony with your body

It is time to end the separation with our Body Beautiful.

And move into harmony, union and partnership with our beautiful bodies, supporting us in our Ascension Process, build a new home for our Soul Essence, the Light, the Love that we are, an energy container that is able to receive and hold the NEW LIGHT, the highest vibrations available on the planet right now and a container that will continue to update and upgrade with us as we expand in consciousness.

Ending Separation From The Body Beautiful Webinar, 3 Hours and 40 Minutes of:

  • Energy Processes and Attunements, Conscious Discussion, New Awareness,  Energy Release Work,  Infusion of New  Vibrations, Freuquencies and Energy Upgrades for you and your body to move into unity with your body Now.
  • Addressing topics and issues keeping you in separation including the topics mentioned above and more…
  • Creating conscious clarity that is safe to to be in the body
  • Safe to change
  • Safe to move into harmony and wholeness
  • Creating trust between you and your body
  • Releasing past life influence
  • Energtic overlays from other people and entity attachments
  • Integrate the body, Soul Essence, Human Self and all parts and aspects of you into harmony
  • During the class I  guide you through a conversation with your body to  to hear what it has to say, the wisdom it offers, learn what is working and what is not working
  • Discover what your body needs and requests from you to operate optimally as the vessel holding your Light
  • Update the body to your current timeline and where you are heading. Wow how things have changed
  • Update the body to how much more conscious you are today
  • Change how you see and perceive the body and its  importance
  • Create a new partnership
  • Infuse your body with Silica frequency important for Ascension
  • Thus energizing your Light Body
  • Create consciousness that as we move forward everything is NEW, including your body
  • And much more…

Here’s What People Are Saying About This Class:

During the class I realized as I became sexually active I experienced ovarian cysts, later heavy periods, fibroids, had a hysterectomy, then belly gat and meopause systems, all ways to avoid sex. It was a past life situation. I released it all!! ~ S. Canada


Fear of failure that was the piece that was keeping us in separation. The failure is gone. My body and I are one. ~Cynthia


I am in tears realizing how much my body loves me. How it has never given up on me even though I gave up on it. We are united once again. Both my body and I are very happy. ~Anne


This was beyond amazing and the Sacred Union of Harmony with my body is something I have longer for. I am so excited to experience this moving forward. ~Pam


Both my body and I really needed this at this time. ~MaryJo


My body and I thank you with all of our heart. We are buzzing right now from all of the energy moving through us. ~Sherry


Fear of failure that was the piece that was keeping us in separation. The failure is gone. My body and I are one. ~Cynthia


Now it’s your turn to end separation and move into Unity with your Body Beautiful.

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Webinar Length: 3 hours and 40 minutes

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