Last night I had a dream, not a dream, in which a man was giving me a number of cheques for various sums of money.

The cheques were for money owed to me from long ago.

The last cheque he showed me was for a large amount and I was surprised.

As you can imagine, it was a happy, uplifting and curious dream.

So what does it mean?

Well it could mean the obvious, that I have unexpected money coming to me from various sources, in various amounts, including a big sum.

The cheques could also represent recognition, accolades, rewards for past efforts that were not given in the past but now they will be.

Either way I’ll take it!

As we get closer to Eclipse Season Oct 14 to the 28th dreams will intensify become more vivid,
prophetic, filled with information, guidance and some may be RELEASE dreams.

Pay attention to your dreams, visions and intuitive flashes. And while trying to figure out what the dream means is fun, refrain from getting frustrated if you are unable to decipher. Observe and be willing to receive the blessing and or information in some way. Also the obvious meaning in not always so.

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Love Esther

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