Now what’s this about Eclipse Season starting?

April 19/20 is the new moon in the sign of Aries, the first sign of the zodiac. It is also a total solar eclipse.

New Moons start a new lunar cycle. They influence fresh starts and new beginnings; rebirth.
The New Moon is happening in the sign of Aries the first sign of the zodiac, also the beginning of a new cycle.
And the New Moon is magnified by a total solar eclipse so new beginnings and fresh starts, whether consciously instigated
or triggered by universal design, will be extra electric and ramped up.

Eclipses are cosmic events during which Universe makes sweeping changes in our lives and on the world scene whether we are ready or not.
It could be a pleasant surprise like: I got the job! We’re having a baby. I’m 100% clear on next steps! The pieces are falling into place! It’s great news!

Or it could be an oh no, unexpected, uncomfortable situation that shake things up giving you the opportunity to reassess your life to make new and more supportive choices.

Some eclipse seasons are more dramatic than others and where the eclipse is happening in your astrology birth chart matters.
I’ve had some doosey eclipse seasons and I’ve smoothly skated through a few.

Two weeks later, May 5/6 is the full moon eclipse in Scorpio as eclipses always happen in bookends.

But right now we focus on the new moon solar eclipse to consciously set into motion new beginnings for each of us personally and also the collective as a whole.

How do you do that? Consciously create rather then create by default?

-Know what you want to be, live and experience in your personal life and in the world and make it your dominate focus in vision, imagination, thoughts, feelings; emotion and action. Not two minutes a day. Every day, all day as much a possible until you pull that vision in your day to day reality.

-Address any beliefs, thoughts, patterns, behaviors, concepts of reality pushing you off focus and course.

-Take inspired action as it comes to you through inner whispers, intuition; divine messages.

-Hold steadfast in faith and belief to your vision. Grounding in your Vision. Live the vision as if it is so.

-And do your best to keep your vibration up. When you dip, because we all do, often several times a day, honour what presents. Face what comes up. Address what surfaces and then begin to turn that dip around.

By initiating these steps NOW, you will be well prepared for Eclipse Season.

And when turbulence hits, which is often the case during Eclipse Season, you will be on steadfast ground to weather storms and celebrate NEW.

My soon to come special announcement regarding private sessions will assist you in turning within and doing the inner work to create the environment that supports the changes you desire.

Aries is a fiesty, fiery; strong energy. It also gives you the courage and determination to instigate change. This is your opportunity to make big bold moves.

Love, Esther

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