“We are honored to deliver to you a message of love and peace on the brink of your earthly transition from 2009 to 2010. We are well aware that many of you are placing a high expectation on change which will occur in the energy field of the planet, within the consciousness of humanity and within your selves based on the inner work you have been so dedicated in doing.

And you are right. Change is about. While all of life and the universe is about change; change is happening on a more dramatic and frequent basis in these times. Many of you may have been noticing how your thoughts and emotions are transitioning into reality–both good and bad–much more quickly.

To this end we say to you, exciting times are ahead for you individually, for the planet and all of humanity. For those of you who are open and growing in consciousness many of the things you have read or dreamed about will start popping up into your experience. The unfolding of life and time as you know it will delight and astound you. You will remark to yourself, “I always knew it would be this way.” Confirmation of your belief will surround you.

Sometimes in the midst of this shift you may encounter some of that which you do not want. Remember all that is required is a change in thought and emotion and you will change the course of what is transpiring. When in the midst of something that is opposite your desire, focus on the positive in the situation, the lesson, learn from it. This will release the negative energy from the situation and allow you to move forward creating life on your terms more easily.

Some of you are just awakening in consciousness and are looking to others to help and support you along the way. We delight in this for each person placed on planet earth has a gift to give to others. While you seek assistance on your journey of awakening and soul integration remember to hold strongly onto your own power. For each of you have the ability to grow in consciousness on your own simply by going within, asking questions and listening closely to the answers. It is when one is blocked or in collusion that outside help is important to get over the hump so to speak. Use your intuition and emotions to guide to the right facilitator or teacher.

There are some who are still very closed to what is happening across the globe. No one reading this message is in that position however you may know people who are narrow in thought and stuck in their own limiting beliefs. To these people be loving and gentle. Forcing a message upon them will only cause them to buckle down and create a deep hole of unconsciousness and stubbornness.

Be an example for these people and be ready with an answer or perspective when they begin asking questions. However unconscious these humans are, they have been filing away on some level information they have gleaned from you through words, vibration, energy, action, emotion and attitude. They will know exactly who to approach when life seems to collapse around them and they need some solice and understanding.

From our perspective we are very curious and interested in watching how different people respond and react to the change and shifts happening around them. We learn from you as you learn from us. We are delighted to be in partnership with you in this regards.

In fact many beings are gathered around your planet at this time simply observing and taking note. These beings are also here to help and assist when called upon. If you need us just a thought or a hint of a notion is all it takes for us to be with you and assist you. Otherwise we observe and marvel at the wonders of your human potential.

Some of you have an expectation that as soon as the calendar clicks from 2009 to 2010 something miraculous will take place. Just as many believed disaster would happen at the dawning of the year 2000.

May we suggest that every second is a miracle. And in every second there lies the potential for change. Make the most of each moment. Hold strong thought and belief. Flood your being with the emotion of love, joy and peace. Surround yourself with friends and family who inspire and up lift you. Set goals for yourself. Dream big and believe in your own worth and self power.

Heal the inner parts of you who are struggling in their pain, unworthiness and outdated beliefs. You know the ones. The parts of you which pop up at inopportune times telling you that you can’t do it, it is not possible, you aren’t lovable or good enough. Embrace these parts of you with love. Talk to them. Bringing healing to them. These aspects of yourself once integrated into your true essence, into wholeness will support you on your journey of being the creator that you are.

Blessings for a joyous holiday and entry into the new year. Love to you for self and all that you do. “

~The Tribunal~



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