This post may contain material that is disturbing to some readers. For the benefit of learning I felt it was important to express.


 Within the last 40 hours I have hit two small animals with my car. One was a rabbit that darted across my path on a lonely country road and the other was a squirrel who froze in my path on a city street.

These were significant events for me because I grew up on  farm in the country and I have never hit any animal with a vehicle in over 28 years of driving.

Adding to the mix was the fact that these road-kills came hot on the heels of some deep inner work I had engaged in, during which some inner beliefs and patterns were “killed” off and changed to something more unlimited and beneficial. (CBE Work)

Of course, me being me, had to start looking at what the hidden meaning or message was in these unfortunate incidents.

I came up with all kinds of scenarios. I was killing off a pattern in my life and so my outward reality was reflecting it through confirmation of a death in my outer world. Perhaps it was a warning for me to slow down with my driving. I even analyzed the last seconds of the animals, both darting, both frozen and wondered is the message that I am to slow down, speed up or perhaps let go of some unfaced fear.

I knew I was overthinking the situation so I put the question to The Tribunal. What is the significance of me hitting two animals with my car in less then 40 hours?

Here is what they said:

Child, we are honored that you seek our guidance and perspective in this matter for your thought patterns are creating many scenarios of what the significance of these events might be. We do agree with your thinking that everything is connected and all has meaning, but sometimes the meaning is not for you it is for other people or in this case another species.

Humanity creates or co-creates all of their experiences whether perceived as good or bad. You in both of these cases were a co-creator to the transition of an animal from an earthly existence to a heavenly experience.

Both of these creatures had come to the end of their life span and unconsciously were looking for a means to make the transition.

Because of the powerful work you had just completed; resolving and changing a deep layer of a life script issue, part of your energy field was vibrating with “death.” In your case this “death” was positive and significant, it also made you a vibrational match for the death or transition that these creatures were seeking.

And so like magnets you found each other and through subconscious agreement you co-created with the creatures their desire, their path.

In this respect the situation you have brought forward to us has deep meaning, but not the meaning or significance that you were thinking. This situation was more about the creatures rather then about you. You were simply at the right place at the right time in the right vibration to help another fulfill their intentions. ~The Tribunal

~ Love, Esther





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