Almost every day I field from some sweet soul  the protest, “But I have a logical mind.”

They say it as if it is a done deal and there is no other alternative.

It is not a done deal sweet being. Did you know that? Having a singularly logical mind is a choice and you can change it. You aren’t locked into it. It has  just become your default position.

The words of protest are often spoken in a tone that suggests having a logical mind is a badge of pride.

There is nothing wrong with having a logical mind, in fact logic is good and necessary at times. Logic, analysis and rationalization are all aspects of the mind which assist us in our daily lives.

But what often comes next in this protest of, ” I have a logical mind,”  is a tone and sense of  defeat because the person saying these words has a deep inner knowing that their logical mind has created constriction, stagnancy, stuckness, and no room for magic and miracles in their life.

“I wish I could believe that is possible, but I have a logical mind.”

“I wish I could release the doubt, but my logical mind says it can’t be.”

“I wish that were true, but I can’t make sense of it”

Any of this ring true for you?

You see miracles are not logical.

Magic isn’t logical.

Miracles and magic  are a result of synchronicities and unexplained circumstances and situations, that is why we call them miracles.  In the dictionary  a miracle is said to be:  a surprising and welcomed event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is considered to be Divine.

Miracles are the work of God/The Universe; the miracle maker. Magic and miracles happen to people who are open to all possibilities; people who hold the mindset that anything is possible. Logic or making sense is not part of the mix.

You sweet being are a miracle. A spirit in a human body functioning, breathing, moving, thinking all in harmony–amazing.

What do you want — more magic and miracles in your life or more logic?

Keep in mind you don’t have to dump the logic all together. There is a place for everything, but when logical thinking is your automatic default position you can become stuck with no hope for something … well, magical to happen in your life.

What would  it take for your life to flow with more ease, joy, fun and excitement? More logic? Or the possibilities of magic and miracles?

What would it take for you to let go of  having to make sense sense of everything and be open to the miracles of life?

~Love, Esther

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