Today I second guessed myself. Overruled my intuitive nudge.

What is second guessing? Wobbling about whether or not you have made the right decision. Hesitation.  Doubt. Second guess.

My saving grace?

I caught myself in the act of second guessing and realized that the second guessing of self was a part of me trying to help me and make me comfortable. But really it was holding me back.

You know that inner voice that says to you:

Oh you don’t need to do that. You don’t need to it today. Maybe tomorrow.
Oh just do something else. Are you sure you want to do this? It doesn’t matter if you don’t do it. 

But it does matter.

Because your intuitive self, your intuition, your gut instinct said Do It.

And so, in strong consciousness, I overruled the second guessing, and followed my intuition.

You can too. Tame the second guessing, self doubt and insecurities. Build a strong intuitive force within.

I can help you.

Love, Esther

I invite you to check out private sessions with me. These inner work sessions are the foundation of my service.

Personal Sessions:

Sessions are offered in a three pack to build change and troubleshoot possible protest as change is happening.

More sessions may be required, but my clients find three sessions establishes a solid foundation for moving forward.

Hi I’m Esther Bartkiw, holistic core belief therapist, intuitive and energy reader; entangled with LIGHT. I blend core belief therapy with psychological tips, tools and techniques, spiritual concepts and practices to facilitate for my clients deep inner change which positively transforms their day to day reality.

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