Two weeks ago I pointed out to my mother a wonderful bakery in Burlington that makes delicious Empire Cookies. She wasn’t interested in checking  out  Lakeside Bakery that day but promised she would sometime in the future.

Fast forward two weeks later Saturday, February 13. After an early morning workout at the gym, I was driving home when inspiration hit me. This Valentine’s Day I will give to all my loves a strawberry shortcake from Lakeside Bakery. I could feel my Spirit applauding inside of myself  when I agreed to  the yummy treat as a gift.

My intention was to deliver the cakes on Valentine’s  Day but when I picked them up, my Soul nudged me to deliver them immediately so that the recipients could have fresh cake right from the oven. I drove to my mom’s home and because she wasn’t there, I let myself into her house and  the placed the cake in the fridge along with a Happy Valentine’s Day greeting.

Then I made my way to visit my sister and her family so that they could delight in the fluffy white cake with pink icing,  strawberries and whipped cream.

Two hours later I was back home.  The scene has been set.

Within minutes of arriving home I received a phone call from my mother which went went like this. ” Esther you wouldn’t believe it,” she said. “Bob and I were in Burlington today shopping and having lunch. On the way home we decided to stop off at that little bakery you told us about. As soon as I walked in I saw these wonderful strawberry cakes and I had to have one.  I told the girl behind the counter that it was just for me and Bob and the girl laughed and said that the cake was too big for two people.”

My mom was embarrassed to tell the girl that she could polish off the cake herself so instead of buying the strawberry shortcake she purchased two eclairs, two empire cookies and two cinnamon buns. On the way home my mom said she was kicking herself for not getting the cake and her husband kept saying, “Do you want me to turn around?”

“Esther,” she said. ” I came home and immediately began to put away the groceries. I opened the fridge and there was a pastry box with a message that said Happy Valentine’s Day love Esther. When I opened  the box, there was the strawberry shortcake I had been wanting so desperately but  didn’t buy.”

“Can you believe it?”  she said again. “You can’t write things like this.”

I laughed with her because I do believe in such miracles. I know and  understand the laws of the universe and how the universe conspires on our behalf.  She manifested the cake through her focus and desire. My mother has yet to embrace the concept.

Yet she was excited and told me that she already had a huge piece of cake and it was delicious.

Coincidence or is my mom a magnificent manifestor? What do you think?

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