A couple of days ago I had an interesting Entity experience and I want to share with you the story for learning, awareness and tips!

I was walking through a central park in Sofia, Bulgaria enjoying the day and the pre Solstice Energy vibes. As I was about to head out of the park my back suddenly arched and I felt a weird energy move up my spine.

No it was not an Entity coming in; it was my body telling me something is not right in my vicinity.

I could feel someone was walking behind me. I think male and my intuitive sense was telling me that he was either on drugs or drinking. Something was off and he had honed in on me.

I could have gone into fear and rushed out of the park but instead I knew that expanding my Love vibrational and magnifying my Self Power was all that was needed to keep this outside influence at bay.

All of this happened within a split second. Silently in my head I said Love and my love vibration gushed forth. Then I said silently Power and I could feel my power center lock in and expand. My Light became so bright.

And immediately I heard this person burp and then sit down on a bench.

Standing in my power and love vibrations was all it took to keep this person from 1. following me and 2. from trying to energetically get into my field.

When I checked with my guidance as to what the burp was all about I was told that at the same time I was clearing him from my field the Love vibration was helping him to clear some sort of limitation from his mind, body and energy field. Win ~ win.

I never looked back to see who it was. I just carried on with my walk giving gratitude and re-affirming the knowing that we are powerful beings of Change.

Take what you will from this story and apply it to you life.

Be the Love that you are and stand in your Self Power; keep Entities away.

~Love, Esther
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