Clean and Repair Your Aura: Energy Process Jan 31, 2021

Restore the integrity, vibration, frequency and luminosity of your aura all seven layers.

“Hi there I’m Esther Bartkiw here to announce the kick off energy process for 2021. A deep Aura Cleansing and Repair Energy Process prompted by my recent Eclipse Energy Event during which I spent a great amount of time doing distant energy work with participants to assist them with optimal aura functioning.During that event I received the message that our auras are in need of our conscious attention + energetic assistance.

Let’s clean up and repair our auras, all seven layers so that it can work in high function to magnetize that which is desired and buffer away what is is disruptive and abrasive. Here we go …”

What is an aura?

An aura is the electromagnetic field that surrounds all living things including you, other people, animals, plants and yes sometimes you can see auras around inanimate objects such as a rock, chair, book; lamp. Auras vary in shape, size, colour, vibration and subtlety.

The Seven Layers Of Your Aura

Are you aware that there are seven layers to your aura? They correspond to your seven main chakras.

1. The Etheric Layer

This is the layer closest to the physical body and is connected to the base chakra.

2. The Emotional Layer

This layer sits directly outside the etheric body and is connected to the sacral chakra. It holds and influences our emotions and feelings.

3. The Mental Layer

This layer sits directly outside the emotional body and is connected to the solar plexus chakra. It holds our mental thought processes and structures such as rules, regulations, judgement and discipline.

4. The Astral Layer

Is the bridge between the physical and spiritual plains and is connected to the heart chakra.

5. The Etheric Template

Connects with the throat chakra. It looks and acts like a blueprint for the physical body.

6. The Celestial/Causal Layer

Here the spiritual connection begins. This layer is connected to the third eye brow chakra.

7. The Spiritual Layer

Connected to the crown chakra this layer of your aura protects all of the other layers. It vibrates at the highest frequency and is often gold in colour.

Benefits of a Healthy Vibrant Aura:

  • A healthy aura assists you in being healthy in mind, body and spirit.
  • It deflects negative energy and attachments.
  • An aura is magnetic so a healthy vibrant aura will help you to attract the people, resources, situations, information etc to consciously create and manifest the life you desire. Helps in the manifesting process.
  • A healthy aura helps you with intuition and gut instinct.
  • To know who or what to engage with and who or what to stay away from.
  • A healthy aura will help you to discern Truth from lies.
  • It means you are expanding growing in self power, consciousness, living as Light as Love.
  • Boosts your physical energy; your get up and go.
  • Releases Physical, Emotional and Mental Pain and Disorders.

What Damages Your Aura?

  • Being around negative low vibration, people, situations; environments.
  • Low Frequency Music (pay attention to the lyrics, tone, the emotion of the singer.)
  • Unhealthy, low vibration sexual attachments.
  • Substance Abuse and Addictions
  • Crowds
  • Trauma and Drama
  • Fear and Worry
  • Anger and Depression (low vibe emotions)
  • Electronics, technology, EMF’s
  • Chemicals, pollutants
  • Too much social media time
  • Processed foods
  • List continues on…

DYI: How to heal your Aura?

Steps you can take right now to begin to heal your aura:

  • Smudging
  • Energy Healing ie Reiki
  • Visualization
  • Crystals
  • Inner work addressing the parts of you that contribute to the condition of your aura ie. The part that craves booze. The part that fears. The part that attracts negative people and situations.
  • Spending time in nature.
  • Self Care: ie eating whole natural foods, exercise, pure water, alone time, adequate sleep, engaging in activities that you love, having fun, positive environment, pampering yourself.
  • Unconditional Self Love

Cleanse And Repair Your Aura.


Restore the integrity, vibration, frequency and luminosity of your aura all seven layers.

During our time together and working with all seven layers of your aura one by one, we will:

  • Use Pure Source Energy True Light, to repair holes, rips, tears, gaping wounds in your aura.
  • Release cord attachments at their root.
  • Clear stagnant energy from your aura and also,
  • People and Spirit Attachments, hooks etc.
  • Sludge energy
  • Energetic debris
  • Amp up the electrical circuity and vibration of your Aura.
  • Ensure that your aura is operating optimally around you.
  • Plus begin to learn how to work with your aura making it bigger or smaller at your command.
  • Receive additional tips and suggestions of more home practices you can do as follow up to our auric cleanse.
  • And you will have an MP3 copy of the class so you can listen and clean and repair your aura anytime in the future.
  • Videos of support about your aura on my YouTube Channel. Click Here.
  • Blog Post: What Are You Holding In Your Aura? Does It Support or Hinder You? Click Here.

Aura Cleanse and Repair

Length: 1 hour 40 minutes

Pricing: $47 US (hst/gst added if applicable)

If you have any questions about this webinar please contact me directly at

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