The Talmud says: People shall be called to account for all the permitted pleasures they failed to enjoy.

It’s a profound statement and one I carry with me as a reminder to enjoy all that comes across my path; big or small.

It’s astonishing how often we forget to enjoy the pleasures of life. I’ve been at parties with loved ones and rather then enjoy the time with them, fretted about an upcoming meeting or how I perceived they were viewing me.

I have friends and acquantainces who miss out on the pleasure of a sunrise or sunset because of  patterns of rushing around and beliefs of, “I don’t have enough time.”

Upon reflecion I acknowledge that there have been times my emotions of sad, anger and frustration prevented me from engaging and feeling the joy of the pleasures presented to me.

I use this statement from the Talmud; a central text of mainstream Judaism, not to beat myself up for missing out on pleasure but rather to remind myself to revel in it.

Also a reminder that the final judgement many fear is just that, created by fear.

You see I believe that when we transition and go back to our home in the Heavens, we will not be called to judgement of right and wrongs or sins versus good deeds, but rather that we will have opportunity to reflect on our life and see what lessons we learned and where we fell short.

I believe that during this review of our life that we will clearly see where we did not appreciate the pleasure and bounty bestowed upon us and where we succeeded in displaying acknowledgment and gratitude for our blessings.

During this review time, I also believe that we will begin to formulate what we want to experience and learn during our next life time on planet earth or elsewhere.

Regardless of how you connect with this passage from The Talmud I trust that the take away from the scripture is an awakening to enjoy the pleasures bestowed.

~Love, Esther1425358_pink_water_lily




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