When Good Intentions Go South

In an earlier post I asked the question, Do you wing your way through the day or do you intentionally create your day? And offered some tips and suggestions on how to set an intention and  start each day in conscious creation mode.  Click Here to read it first.    On...

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The Magic Is In You

Want a magic wand? What if I told you that you already have several? Your thoughts, feelings, emotions and intentions. Wave those around and you will attract their exact match right back at you. The Magic is in YOU! ~Love, Esther Are your ready to release the MAGIC...

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Do You Fear Dieing And Not Having Lived Your Best Life?

In preparation for the upcoming class  Transitioning From Earth To Heaven ~ Be The Architect Of Your Ideal Death Experience I have reached out to those already signed up for input as to what their greatest worries and concerns are about leaving this life experience....

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Over the past 14 + years, Esther Bartkiw has been a Beacon of Light to those on a Conscious Journey of Ascension. Reminding us that we are Love and Light and inspiring us to live life as the Divine Beings we are. Opening the door to all possibilities and freedom to live the life of our dreams on our terms.

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