Center of Gravity Shifts During Strong Energy Downloads

Next time you experience dizziness during a particularly strong download of universal energy, consider this as a possibility. What if your energy field expanded so much during that download, your center of gravity was altered thus taking you off balance and creating...

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Do You Trust Your Body? Does Your Body Trust You (Vlog)

Lack of Trust keeps us in separation from our Body. Do you trust your body? Does your body trust you? Does your body believe you when you say you are going to follow through on its guidance? Does your body trust you to keep it safe? Are you a partner with your body or...

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Release Shock Energy: Tips

When confronted by out of the blue and or shocking news or suprised by someone who startles, we often lock that shock and surprise energy in our body where it plays out as an undercurrent in our mind, body and energy field. Here is a tip on how to release shock energy whether in the moment or if you have been holding onto it for some time.

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Total Solar Eclipse August 21st Timelines Crumble

The Sun will be hidden for a few minutes out of sight and then come back into view, as if reborn. A rebirth is at hand which from the information I am receiving will create a HUGE shift allowing that old timeline to change and birth the New (New Moon=New Beginnings) timeline of unity consciousness, Divine Masculine and Feminine in harmony.

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Mercury Retrograde in Virgo, Clearing 3D Clutter

The lunar eclipse has lifted much to the surface already and MR in Virgo is going to help you to do more August sweeping away of the old. Of that which must go in order for you to fully embed in 5D and above rather then just catching glimpses and slip back down into lower vibrations.

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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse August 7th: Dramatic Change, New Light, Mars Agitation and Jupiter Offers Blessings

We tend to feel Lunar Eclipses more than Solar Eclipses because of La Luna and her stirring of emotions. The feelings may present as euphoria, joy, peace, contentment, deep love or sorrow, hurt, disappointment etc…. it all depends on where you are in your journey, what path you are following. Are you still on a low vibration timeline that is ready to crumble during eclipse season? Or are you on your highest path of potential ready to rise up to another as your frequencies shift?

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Does Where You Live Effect Your Vibration?

Many people on a Conscious Journey of Ascension have been on the move for the last three years and will continue to be as their energy no longer matches their location and they feel the inner pull to move somewhere new.

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Over the past 12 + years, Esther Bartkiw has been a Beacon of Light to those on a Conscious Journey of Ascension. Reminding us that we are Love and Light and inspiring us to live life as the Divine Beings we are. Opening the door to all possibilities and freedom to live the life of our dreams on our terms.

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Two New Clients Right After Process
When we finished this process I checked my email box and I had two new inquiries about my services. I believe!

Kevin, London

I Am Beautiful And Perfect As I AM
When I saw my body from the perspective of my Higher Self I realized how beautiful and perfect I am. I feel the love now flowing through me. Thank you.

Lauren, Ontario

I Released My Anger
Working with you Esther has helped me to release my anger and I feel now I can open up to people for friendship and relationship.

Marcia, Calgary Alberta

In 7 Days I Found A Publisher
Thank you for the Miracle videos. I found a good self-publishing company and published my book for free with them in less than a week!

Daphne, Germany

New Job, Generous Salary, Signing Bonus!
I landed the job and a $10k signing bonus. This new job and generous salary can certainly be attributed to my work with Esther and shattering the illusions and limiting beliefs of money eluding me.

Gabriele, P NY

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