Do You Fear Dieing And Not Having Lived Your Best Life?

In preparation for the upcoming class  Transitioning From Earth To Heaven ~ Be The Architect Of Your Ideal Death Experience I have reached out to those already signed up for input as to what their greatest worries and concerns are about leaving this life experience.  ...

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There Is No Beginning and There Is No End

You are Energy. Energy cannot be destroyed. You are Eternal. There is no beginning and there is no end. Instead of focusing on an end game that doesn't exist, be present in the moment and have fun with your process. This lifetime is just a temporary blip in your...

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Do You Dare To Be You? Let Your Freak Flag Fly

January 19th Energy Update: The Sun Moves into the Sign of Aquarius late in the day, the same part of the sky that Venus moved into a couple of days ago. We are swimming in the energy of the Aquarius vibration and I KNOW you can feel it within, and you are seeing it...

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Over the past 14 + years, Esther Bartkiw has been a Beacon of Light to those on a Conscious Journey of Ascension. Reminding us that we are Love and Light and inspiring us to live life as the Divine Beings we are. Opening the door to all possibilities and freedom to live the life of our dreams on our terms.

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