Do You Dare To Be You? Let Your Freak Flag Fly

January 19th Energy Update: The Sun Moves into the Sign of Aquarius late in the day, the same part of the sky that Venus moved into a couple of days ago. We are swimming in the energy of the Aquarius vibration and I KNOW you can feel it within, and you are seeing it...

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Will You Choose To Be A Warrior For The Light?

Monday Morning Musings From Esther: Will You Choose To Be a Warrior For The Light? I am so very grateful to those who have already committed to joining me for the upcoming Eclipse Event and for those I see energetically poised to sign up between now and go time on...

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More Illumination To Come Before New Year’s Eve

December 28th Energy Update: This year has been one of illumination. Our eyes have been opened and our consciousness expanded. We have been challenged in our belief systems, to get clear on what we really want to experience in life, face the secrets, reveal Truth,...

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Solstice Gateway December 18-23rd Is Now Open….

Solstice Gateway December 18-23rd is now Open. This is a Gateway within a Gateway and it is in full swing and Powerful. Big Change. Fast Change. Doors Opening and Closing Rapidly. Miracles, Opportunities and Blessings. Miraculous Manifestations. Karmic Release of...

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How To Identify Resistance: Clues

How do you know when you are in resistance? Sometimes we know instantly that we are in resistance, it's a knowing and sometimes we only become aware days even weeks, months later. Why does that happen, the delay? Because on some level we are in collusion with the...

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About Esther Bartkiw


Over the past 12 + years, Esther Bartkiw has been a Beacon of Light to those on a Conscious Journey of Ascension. Reminding us that we are Love and Light and inspiring us to live life as the Divine Beings we are. Opening the door to all possibilities and freedom to live the life of our dreams on our terms.

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Connect with Esther


I Am Beautiful And Perfect As I AM
When I saw my body from the perspective of my Higher Self I realized how beautiful and perfect I am. I feel the love now flowing through me. Thank you.

Lauren, Ontario

I Released My Anger
Working with you Esther has helped me to release my anger and I feel now I can open up to people for friendship and relationship.

Marcia, Calgary Alberta

In 7 Days I Found A Publisher
Thank you for the Miracle videos. I found a good self-publishing company and published my book for free with them in less than a week!

Daphne, Germany

New Job, Generous Salary, Signing Bonus!
I landed the job and a $10k signing bonus. This new job and generous salary can certainly be attributed to my work with Esther and shattering the illusions and limiting beliefs of money eluding me.

Gabriele, P NY

Shoulder Pain Gone!
I have had pain in my left shoulder for 4 years and it is completely gone. It was bad energy and Esther helped me released it.

Patricia Jones

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