August 16th Energy Update: Often when there is a significant cosmic event in play people expect big change on that very day. But what I find happens most from personal experience and working with clients, is that the big shifts around a planetary alignment happen a couple of days before or after the event. There is a window of opportunity in play.

I offer this piece of information to you because we are two days from the rare third lunar eclipse of this fall season and today just may be the day that something big changes. You may have a conversation with someone that opens doors and ushers in opportunities. You may be bowled over by an attraction to another. Windfall money may find its way into your hands.

Today the Sun and Uranus connect in the sky. Uranus is the planet of unexpected news, adventure, exploration of Self and frontiers, revolution and deep insight. The Sun is mighty and powerful shining a light in all of these areas amping up the possibilities.

Chiron is also an active influence until the end of September as I wrote about in an earlier post. Those things we would rather not face, our shadow sides are rising up pre Eclipse giving each person the opportunity to come full circle and complete that patterning and lesson.

It’s time to make unconventional, big, bold moves. You will be supported!

Love, Esther

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