Before midnight on New Years Eve take some time to reflect upon on your past; this past year and as far back as you can remember.

Refrain from going into story about the past or reliving old memories,  just reflect.

And everything that you don’t want to drag into 2014 with you drop it. Drop it like the ball that falls in Times Square each year. Drop it like a hot potato and let it go once and for all.

times square ball

Leave the past in the past so that you can move into 2014 with clear unencumbered focus.

Between Christmas and New Years Eve I have set aside much time for letting go and dropping.  The month of December has felt like one big meditation as we moved through the first anniversary or birthday of the New Earth and continue our Ascension into new earth energies and vibrations. Layers of old issues, childhood memories and other limitations continue to rise to the surface and all they need is letting go. For those of you who have been doing your inner work for years some even decades notice that its getting easier and light.

Each day as “stuff” comes up I am asking myself the question: “Is there anything else I need to learn from this?” If the answer from my inner Self comes back as No I drop it. I watch it slide off my back and into the galactic core for transmutation.

If my inner Self says,”Yes there is more awareness that is needed in this area,” I am doing the inner work to discover, explore and release.

I know the Holiday Season is busy for many people and the thought of taking time for you may seem unimaginable. I gently urge you to make the time. Put yourself first and give yourself the gift of you. Drop it all behind you.

~Love, Esther



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