For those of you who experienced a July full of emotion, tug of war and an explosion of insights and awareness, August is going to be a welcomed relief to all of the recent intense energy.

Generally speaking this month will be relaxing and refreshing as we integrate all of the personal growth work we have done over the past several months. And we need it before the ramp up to the end of the year and 12-12-12 and 12-21-12 energies which will shift our consciousness and bring us to new levels of awareness and being.

Everything we have been doing this past year and truly in our life time has been preparing us for fifth dimensional living and a new earth. Many of you have been experiencing the peeling away of 3D living. Constructs are collapsing in our outer and inner worlds and yes we need a break. August is that break so enjoy it.

The planets are also helping us to rest up. While we will have a spectacular New Moon and two Full Moons this month the heavens will be fairly quiet. We should even get a bit of a reprieve from the solar flare activity which has been  tremendous in helping us clear and cleanse even though it has been wiping us out at times.

Planets are starting to turn direct from their retrograde state;  Mercury on August 8th and Venus just recently. When the planets resume their forward motion an ease occurs.

Now there is always an expection to the rule. Some people are just now waking up. Others continue to fight their growth, awareness and conscious and then there are some like me who say to Universe, “Bring it on!” Depending on where you are in your personal journey you may continue to experience challenging times, but for the most part the universal energies I work with –A Council of 12–The Tribunal say it is time to rest up and take a break.

Where ever you are in your journey and what ever you are experiencing, remember you chose to be here on the planet during this exciting time of accelerated change and transformation. As time  and a 3D world collapses all around us it  fascinating to watch and participate.

~Love, Esther


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