“Ask and it is given.”  

We’ve heard it all our lives. Jesus says it in the Bible. Many of us grew up with the teaching through our various religious and spiritual organizations. The wisdom of ask and it shall be given comes to us through the nonphysical realms. My own channeling guides The Tribunal speak of it, as do other nonphysical source entities such as Abraham.

Ask and it is given, is a basic principle, law, understanding held in the universe.

So why then do so many of us in our human form struggle with the concept? We ask and we ask and we ask. And most often that which we ask for does not appear.

The answer is quite simple. It is because we ask out of fear. We ask out of desperation. We ask because we’re trying to run away from a situation. We ask from a low-level vibration  and/or motivation. We ask not completely believing that we will receive or that it’s even possible. We ask with the belief of change is hard; the unknown is scary. We ask and do not receive because when we ask we are not solid in our belief that in our asking it is given.

In order to make this  universal concept a part of your everyday life in which you are asking and it is given,  it is important to explore and change the thoughts, beliefs, emotions, fears and motivations  which are holding you back from experiencing all that you desire.

When you have a mindset and an energy vibration which support that of which you are asking for, the universe delivers saying” Your wish is my command.”

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