We are experiencing a downpour of Ascension Energies doing profound, intense and important work, releasing density from all who live and roam on the planet and lifting us up.

Last night instead of sleeplessness (see my FB post from Tuesday) I slept for more then 13 hours straight and no it was not because I had poor sleep the night before and was catching up.

I sat with my spirit team this morning and received information that right now yesterday, today and tomorrow (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) we are experiencing a profound download and outpouring of Ascension Energies helping us open to greater consciousness so that each of us is:

-willing to face the lies and the anesthesia we have been living under
-seek Truth not from other people but from within, from God, Universe
-and be willing to stand for Truth breaking free from the Matrix and Babylonian Matrix which is the spiritual battle of good and evil we are fighting.

Some may say we are in a battle of dark and false light and I tend to agree but I don’t have a firm handle on that yet so let’s just table that discussion for another time.

It is clear to most Truth Seekers that while yes there are people who are dying, covid-19 is a cover for other things going on. There is a Plandemic in play. While I don’t speak of these issues much on Face-book or in my newsletter, I do much personal research, study and meditation on these subjects and have for years. If you follow me on Twitter likely you have caught on to my stance and perspective. If you would like me to send you links to a couple of recent videos that have come out with good information, please send me a private message via EMAIL only. Likely many of you are aware of and have seen the videos, I have found they are very good for remembering and also to introduce new people to what is happening.

Back to the outpouring of energies. What I received is that today (Wednesday) and tomorrow again it will be intense.

Please note we are always experiencing upgrading, release, Ascension Energies. Sometimes the outpouring is a bit stronger then at other times. This is what is happening now.

The comet Atlas C-2019 passing between the Earth and the Sun is also stirring things up and producing a frequency that is powerful. You may be feeling that specific frequency as ringing in the ears, skin crawling or general unease. That does not mean the frequencies are bad it is just means they are different then what we are used to.

I also receive that with a cocktail of energies swirling about be aware of sensitivities. What I am told is that many who never had allergic reactions before to food, drink, over the counter medicines, supplements, herbs, body products, etc are now becoming very sensitive. These are sensitives which are appearing right now. Yesterday, today, the past week, moving forward rather then something you have had for a while. New.

And the third piece is that you may be feeling like you are in-between dimensions. Seeing what before you could not see. I liken it to the saying, seeings things out of the corner of your eye or unexplained movements. That happened during the recent video I did for you Titled You Are Not Fear. Did you catch it? For those of us who have always seen things out of the corner of our eyes it will be more pronounced.

On our personal journeys we often go through something difficult in order to create something new and beautiful. It doesn’t have to be that way, but unfortunately we humans often resist change until we hit our boiling point and then even some still resist.

We are going through a difficult period right now. But it doesn’t have to be more difficult. You can use this time and these energies for further conscious creation, standing strong as the Being of Light you are in Full Power, flushing out old, using your personal focus and vibration to shape and create your experience and the world you want to live in. I can’t do it for you. I can guide you and inspire you and create awareness for you but in the end we must all make our own choices.

Just a reminder coming up on April 26th at 11 am Eastern Time a live call and event: Awaken and Expand Your Star Seed Energies

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Whether you have known you are a Star Seed for some time or are new to the concept, TRULY the world needs your unique contribution and frequency NOW. Please join us.

~Love, Esther

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