Women living in their healthy feminine energies can have a job, career, run a company if they choose.
No one is saying that a woman has to stay home and run a household; soley take care of a family.
I’m an entrepreneur running a business. There are lots of women flourishing in their healthy feminine energies who have jobs and careers.
If that’s you ⬆️ and you want to live more fully in your mature feminine energies, live as your Divine Feminine Essence, keep doing what you are doing.
Live your life, do your work, run your business, your household etc….
And at the same time, let’s explore what is going on with your Queen, Mother, Lover and Girl energies/parts within.
Are all of your feminine energies, happy, expressing, creating, living fully or is there some grumbling going on?
Are you running more on masculine energies at work? How do your feminine energies feel about that?
Join me April 1st for Radiate the Fullness of Your Feminine Energies and let’s explore, heal, develope and enhance our healthy feminine energies together.
Live fully as the woman you were born as.

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